The Royal Dish on the Bridal Party:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle probably have thee cutest bridal party ever!— 10 of them, in fact and their average age is 3.

They’re the kids of the family.

Leading the pack are royal siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Followed by

2 of Harry’s Goddaughters, 2 of Meghan’s Goddaughters, 3 of Harry’s close friends sons and the daughter of Meghan’s stylist. Whoa my head is spinning!

And of course, in true royal fashion, they all have their own designer for their outfits. And, of course, in true royal fashion, I’m sure each outfit will cost more than my car.

With only 2 days left, will one rehearsal be enough to get all 10 kids down the aisle? And, who’s going to have the first royal temper tantrum?

As we already know Meghan has chosen not to have a Maid of Honor, so Prince William, Harry’s Best Man, might be solely in charge of rounding up all the kiddos in the bridal party.

Someone have advil ready!