Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen is pretty determined to be heard. So determined in fact, that he cut his first album in his living room with GarageBand, a Mac-based, DIY music production software. That album, aptly titled The Living Room Sessions, was inspired by Allen’s travels throughout Canada and the UK, in which he went into homes and performed in living rooms. By playing in places where people naturally loved to gather, he was able to take his music to a more personal level and develop relationships with people he wouldn’t normally have met playing in a crowded club.

Allen’s intimate, guy-and-his-guitar sound is similar to the likes of John Mayer and Jack Johnson, but instead of the whispery vocals, he belts it out Maroon 5-style, putting on quite the pop/rock show when he is on stage. Self-described as a fun, upbeat, sunny, happy guy, Allen writes and performs his songs so that each musical moment matters – truly taking into account how his listeners will feel when they hear his songs. Says Allen, “it doesn’t matter what you think your song is about, other people will be moved by it in whatever way they feel. That alone is inspiring – to see what others see in your art!”

Raised in British Columbia, Allen began his musical career playing piano at age 5. Since then, his sound has gone through some fairly significant changes. From classical piano to punk, Allen finally settled on the sound he has now. The year he spent working on a Carnival Cruise ship with his wife may have something to do with the beachy, acoustic tunes that populate his albums.

He caught his first big break in 2009, when “I Wanna Be Your Christmas” cracked the Top Ten in Canada. After spending most of 2010 on the road, Allen signed with Epic Records and began his first U.S. tour in January, opening for Joshua Radin and fellow Canadian Justin Nozuka. And this spring isn’t going to slow down – Allen’s playing shows with Secondhand Serenade, One Eskimo, Quiet Drive, Jason Reeves, Andy Grammer, Lifehouse and Train and releasing an album early this summer.

But how’s he going to do it all? Allen’s limitless energy and determination will carry him through – no doubt straight to the top.

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