Hot Chelle Rae

This group of guys from Nashville has something they want you to hear. And that something is pure rock and roll – bold guitar riffs, driving beats, clever lyrics that culminate in power choruses and a swaggering charisma that is impossible to ignore. Hot Chelle Rae front man Ryan Keith Follese admits that the band wanted their sound to be “explosive and new and fun and be better than anything out there.” Seems like they got their wish.

Named after their most avid and devoted MySpace fan, Hot Chelle Rae began taking shape in 2005 when singer-songwriter and future front man Ryan Keith (R.K.) Follese met up with guitarist Nash Overstreet to try and get some of his lyrics set down to music. Interestingly, the meeting didn’t go so well. Based on appearances alone, the two were polar opposites. But, style preferences aside, Follese and Overstreet eventually got over their differences and formed the first incarnation of Hot Chelle Rae, a start-up called Miracle Drug. They performed their first show in 2006 which went so well that the pair decided to continue making music together.

Before they could go further, both Follese and Overstreet recognized that they needed to nail down some talent in the rhythm department. Overstreet brought in his childhood friend Ian Keaggy, a guitarist who didn’t actually play the bass until he joined the band, but whose latent skills on the instrument have proven to be truly a clutch part of the band’s songwriting process. Follese’s brother Jamie came in on drums to also help round out the sound.

With the line-up of band members complete and an Internet fan base already in place, the next step could only be to sign with a label – in this case Jive Records in 2008. Hot Chelle Rae hit the studios to begin work on their first album, Lovesick Electric, which was released in October 2009. They followed up the release by going on tour with Third Eye Blind, and have continued doing tours and openings with bands like Owl City, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls and Parachute.

Now the band is back to the studio, just recently releasing “Tonight, Tonight,” their first single off the brand new effort. You can preview and purchase the new single here.

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