You know her for her feisty, rocker-girl persona and outspoken swagger, but Pink has always made a point to assert her femininity as what makes her so strong. Her distinctive look and sound, combined with her honest and spirited songwriting, have catapulted Pink to the top of the music kingdom.

Born Alecia Moore, the singer, songwriter and part-time acrobat grew up in Doylestown, Penn. She starting singing along with her father and his guitar at an early age, and it wasn’t long before she was performing in Philadelphia clubs at the tender age of 14. Two years later she and two other girls formed Choice, an R&B group which actually caught the eye of top music exec L.A. Reid. The group never released a record, however, and Reid eventually persuaded Moore to go solo. It was then that she decided to go by “P!nk,” a nod to the character Mr. Pink from the film Reservoir Dogs.

With her signature cropped ‘do and her just as recognizable gritty singing voice, it’s difficult not to notice how Pink has taken the industry by storm. She’s been in the music-listening public’s ear for more than ten years and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, with her new album The Truth About Love, it’s clear Pink has big plans for what’s to come.

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