Three Days Grace

It’s a rare thing to find – a band that’s been together almost 20 years. But Three Days Grace is among the few bands that can claim a two-decade long run. And they’re showing no signs of stopping.

In 1992, high-schoolers Adam Gontier, Neil Sanderson and Brad Walst got together with some friends in their hometown of Norwood, Ontario, and formed Groudswell, a post-grunge band that managed to put out a full-length album together. In 1995, they changed up some members and changed up theirname, calling themselves Three Days Grace, which according to Gontier, conveys a sense of urgency – “If you had three days to change something in your life, could you do it?”

That same sense of urgency spurred the band on to move to Toronto and attempt to get the ear of music execs. After meeting producer Gavin Brown who helped them polish their sound into a marketable demo album, Three Days Grace eventually signed with Jive Records.

Work began on a self-titled debut record which was released in 2003, and followed by a solid two-years of touring. During that time the band struggled internally, facing the prescription drug addiction of lead-singer Gontier. With the support of his family, friends and band members, Gontier entered rehab in 2005 and underwent treatment for his addiction. But from these ashes, the band’s second album, One-X, began to take shape. Healed and ready to get on the road, Three Days Grace started touring again in 2006 following the release of One-X.

Getting back in the studio in 2009, Three Days Grace recorded their current album, Life Starts Now, a more optimistic and fresh take on their signature sound. “The new album is basically a commentary on the last couple years of our lives,” says Sanderson. “Life Starts Now reflects that feeling of redefining what life is and what it means to be alive.”

This spring and summer, the band is heading out with Avenged Sevenfold, because for this group of lifetime musicians, what being alive means is touring, putting on a good show and giving back to their fans.

You can preview and purchase Three Days Grace’s new single “Lost In You” here.

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