Tino Coury

Tino Coury thinks everything happens for a reason. From the guitar he received in a Christmas grab-bag in the 7th grade to the wrist injury that sidelined his budding football career – everything has been leading up to now, his big music moment.

That moment being the fall release of his debut full-length album, This One’s For. But Coury’s moment hasn’t happened overnight. His very first single, “Diary,” reached top-40 status in 2010, he produced a six-song EP called Page One in 2011 and most recently released the video for the first single of his new album, “Drink My Love Away.”

“Drink My Love Away,” along with plenty of other songs on the upcoming record, has a fierce beat, catchy melody and the soulful, story-based lyrics of a young troubadour. He looks to Justin Timberlake for inspiration on songwriting and production, but also performance. Says Coury, “I want to give people that same rush I feel when I’m watching my favorite artists.”

And Coury’s had his fair share of chances to channel JT lately. He’s performed with Jason Derulo, Drake, Train, Mike Posner, Kelly Rowland, Kris Allen and the Backstreet Boys, among others. But though he’s focused on entertaining the masses with his own work, Coury is hopeful to one day write for and produce other artists.

In fact, his own career started off with him in the basement laundry room of his parents’ house, filling up a makeshift recording studio with birthday and Christmas gifts slightly different from what his peers were asking for. His keen sense of rhythm, as well as his Roland 8-track recorder, developed as he learned keyboards, bass and drums, and before graduating high school he was writing, producing and recording his own music.

Though Coury was a talented musician at a young age, it wasn’t until his senior year of high school when a shattered wrist kept him from pursuing college football that he realized that his passion for music could be a way to heal from those broken dreams. “Being an athlete and starting a music career are more alike than many would think,” says Coury. “When it comes to work ethic, practice, teamwork, drive, passion, all of those things come into play if you want to be successful in music or sports or really any career path you choose.”

It may not have been his original plan, but the music business was just waiting for Tino Coury to come around. Now, he’s here – and if the new album says anything, he’ll be around for a long time.

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