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What pregnant women around the world are googling .

Here in the U.S., it turns out that expecting mothers are downright worried. We’re worried about what we can eat, what we can drink and what we can and cannot put into our pregnant bodies. Check out this wonderful article.     Read More »


GREAT FOR THIS SUMMER WITH ALL THESE CUTE TOPS AND SUNDRESSES COMING OUT. Strapless, backless adhesive bra with under wire. IT’S THE BEST!! Read More »


Prom season is in full swing, and KFC wants to add a little something to the big night: a chicken snack on your date’s wrist. For a limited time, KFC is offering corsages showcasing the Colonel’s famous fried chicken drumsticks resting on a bed of baby’s breath. Read More »


Be a smart bride. If you don’t break the budget on the gown, think of all the money you can spend on the shoes, flowers and venue! H&M is doing brides across the world a huge solid by releasing their very first wedding dress for a whopping, drum roll please, $99. Read More »


These are some really kool  & krazy straws. Great for kids, parties, working out or anytime. Check out this fun website: Read More »

Lorde Collaborates with Mac Cosmetics for Limited-Edition Summer Beauty Collection

If you love Lorde and her seriously vampy makeup, you’ll be pleased to know that the singer is partnering with Mac Cosmetics for a limited-edition collection inspired by the star.The line will surely have a few edgy lipsticks to play with to achieve the perfect moody pout, as well as some seriously gothic-inspired nail colors, too. Read More »

Phone Soap. This is Awesome!!

Lets face it, we are always touching dirty things. The problem is, we are also always touching our phones, transferring that bacteria to our devices! We wash our hands, but never clean our phones! Have you ever used your phone in the bathroom? (Don’t worry, we all have.) Then it shouldn’t surprise you that 1 in 6 cell phones have ... Read More »