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Episode 9 – Casting Call, Tim’s Dad, and Kitchen Fun!

We were excited to get a call from a casting company about talking to us about reality show opportunities.  Find out what happened!  Also, my Dad gives us some painting tips and the kitchen is starting to come together.   Closets and More in Reading, Granite Transformations, and My American Handyman all helped in this episode. Read More »

Episode 8 – Are we being considered for a reality show?

IKEA kitchens are great because they look contemporary, have all the bells and whistles, and they can save you thousands of dollars, but YOU have to build them.  Some cabinets took about an hour each. We also built some cool shelves in the living room, had the new windows installed, and did some shopping for our bathroom at Keidel, (this place ... Read More »

Episode 7 – Making Progress

Things are starting to come together quickly and we can actually see our vision coming together.  Although the original wood floors were in decent shape, we had to replace because of them not being level. Never ending painting and getting our bathtub delivered.  Enjoy! Read More »

Episode 6 – Lots of Painting!

Working full time jobs and renovating a house is exhausting! Thank goodness we have friends who are willing to help!  In this episode, we tackle lots of painting, kitchen lights, and get to see a new banister!  Progress! Read More »

Bourbon Milk Punch

3 oz bourbon 1 oz dark rum 4 oz milk (cream or half and half for richer drink) 1/4 oz vanilla extract 1.5 oz simple syrup dash of grated nutmeg In a mixing glass three quarters filled with ice, pour the bourbon, rum, milk or cream vanilla and simple syrup . Shake vigorously until chilled. About 30 seconds. Strain into ... Read More »