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Episode 4 – Dust Everywhere!

One thing we really hated during our last project was living in drywall dust, so with the “The Little Green House,” we aren’t moving in until the messy, dirty, dusty stuff is complete. (we hope!) Read More »

SNACK TIME WITH TIM: Rosh Hashanah with GDM

Normally I bring the snacks, but my new friends at GDM in O’Bryonville told me to leave them at home and just come hang.  I arrived to their office and was greeted with a three cheese plate, apples and honey, a steak salad with homemade horse radish dressing, mini cheesecake bites, wine, and 4 friendly faces.  Laura, Sara, Sara (Junior), ... Read More »

Episode 3 – Demo Day!! Woohoo!

Episode #3 is here and it’s DEMO DAY – our favorite part! Check out our demolition skills and the guy who is helping us put it all back together again – Neil with My American Handyman! Read More »