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Hot List Podcast 12/17/18

-Is John Mayer a creep? -Join in with FC Cincy this week! -What is the word of 2018? -5 changes you can make to be a better you in 2019 -Holiday HotList: Sweet Shops! -OTR parking permits are here! Read More »

Hot List Podcast 12/14/18

-We have your weekend plans with Q To Do -Will there be a Parks and Rec reboot? -Polar Bear cubs? -How frugal are you? -What is the end piece of a loaf of bread called? Read More »

Hot List Podcast 12/13/18

-Is Ellen leaving TV? -What is the most Googled Beauty Questions of 2018 -What is replacing Deaconess Hosp? -How long does it take to decide to marry someone? -AMAZING CHRISTMAS MOVIE NEWS! -Madtree Cider is HERE! Read More »

Hot List Podcast 12/12/18

-Someone is coming back to Walking Dead -Smoking laws to change in Cincinnati -How to get more followers on social media -CVG Beer News! -Should you rinse your dishes before putting in the dishwasher? -Is Santa overweight? -Rooftop Party Igloos? YES PLEASE!! Read More »

Hot List Podcast 12/11/18

-Court TV is back! -Dixie Heights High School -How sinful is Cincinnati? -Crossroad’s Awaited is coming back. -How addictive is Pizza? -You can now stay overnight in the “A Christmas Story” house -Look for a rolling nut this weekend Read More »