Celebrating Earth day on Amy’s Table

Kroger’s got a great new restaurant!  Go behind the scenes of Kitchen 1883  with Chef Chris Bushelman and Chef Paul Sturkey Cincinnati Councilman Chris Seelbach, Executive Director of Living with Change Celebrate Earth Day with botanist Michael Largo Take it outside with Jamie Durie’s Outdoor Rooms  Read More »

April 1, 2018: Expert advice….no fooling!

Michael Ruhlman explains how to cure your own meats Chef Toni Lynn Dickenson instructs in the finer points of bread baking Jennifer Clair reveals the six techniques each home cook should know Stephanie Michalak shares how you can party with a purpose Read More »

Chatting about Cheese- and Spring- on Amy’s Table

Graham Elliot offers tips for becoming a Master Chef Stephanie Stiavetti explains the finer points of Mac n Cheese from her book Melt Stephanie Webster describes how to put together a great cheese tasting expereince Sean Davis offers up advice for adding great spring curb appeal with WOW Windowboxes Read More »

Weighing in on weight loss and crypto currencies

Segment 1: Amanda Valentine gets real about her weight loss journey, her healthy eating strategies and how she maintains her successful weight. Segment 2: More with Amanda Valentine and her weight loss journey, her healthy eating strategies and how she maintains her successful weight. Segment 3: James O’Loughlin explains the basics of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Segment 4: More with James ... Read More »

We’ve got your number!

You know all that stuff you’ve got? Well Barbara Flanagan says you only need 98 of ’em. Check out her well-curated list. Leslie Hershberger’s got your number. Your Enneagram number, that is. Discover insights in to why you do what you do. Get happy. Spontaneously. Dr. Andrew Weil explains how. One dish wonders. The Casserole Queens share their tricks.   Read More »

Best ever brownies on Jeff and Jenn this morning

If you need a little sweet something , look no further than my Best-ever Brownies! They’re rich, dense, decadent and SO easy to make! Whenever you bake a bar-type cookie, line the baking pan with foil, leaving enough of an over-lap to be able to lift the entire baked good out of the pan before cutting. For the most uniform ... Read More »