Things are looking up!

New Riff Distilling‘s Hannah Lowen talks about WILD– a summer gin cocktail contest. Listen How to make the most of the moments of darkness during the eclipse? Make S’more! Grateful Grahams Rachel DesRochers explains how. Listen The Cincinnati Observatory‘s Dean Regas tells us what to expect during the eclipse. Listen.  Taking a Monday off to marvel at the magic of the universe? I’ll drink to that! Molly Wellmann mixes ... Read More »

Health, happiness and (spice) rubs on Amy’s Table this morning

Premier Health’s Center for Women’s Health and Wellness Stacey Hudepohl, CNM Certified Nurse Midwife,  shared lots of interesting- and reassuring – information for expectant Moms.  Listen. Atrium Medical Center/Premier Health’s  breast fellowship trained radiologist Dr. Mary Alfidi, stressed the importance of breast health and mammography. Listen. David Covey explained how to avoid the superiority trap in marriage- plus strategies to overcome it. Listen. Award winning author and television ... Read More »

How to de-clutter, de-escalate, eat a lobster…and eat lunch!

In his book De-escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less, Douglas E. Noll has devised a method that calm the most tense situation in less than 2 minutes. This peacemaker uses it in the prison system. Imagine how you might be able to use it in your own life!  Listen.  Food writer and author Ashley Blom instructs us on How to ... Read More »

DIY your life!

Is it time for you to pivot and relaunch your career? Wendy Sachs explains how with tips from her latest book,  Fearless and Free Listen If you’re a mom, you’re like a Busy Mom. Get great tips on managing it all  from Kathy Peel. Listen. DIY your decor with inspiration from Maryam Montague, Marakesh Style. Listen.  Pucker up!  Alana Chernilla shares her preserved lemon recipe from The Homemade ... Read More »

Great advice this morning!

Maribeth Kuzmeski explains how to raise The Engaging Child. Listen.  Vicki Milazzo guides us toward Wicked Success. Listen.  Work smart, not hard. Michael Lennington tells how to create a 12 week year. Listen.  Think the way your family raised you is superior to that of your spouse? David M.R. Covey illustrates the “Trapology” of that idea – and how to correct it. Listen.  Read More »


Make up artist Kendall Stolz of The Brave Beauty  shared her top 5 make up tips for a lightened up summer-ready look. Listen. Joseph-Beth Master Bookseller Audrey Bullar dished on her summer reading suggestions. Listen. Laurie David tells how to bring your family to the table. Listen. WOW Windowboxes‘ Sean Davis talk summer blooms, watering tips, Homearama and more. Listen. Read More »

Thrills from the grill

Meathead Goldwyn gives great grilling tips. Listen. Jamie Purviance proves just why he’s Weber’s top chef. Listen. David Guas gives a peek into Grill Nation. Listen. Steven Raichlen talks sauces, rubs and marinades with tips from his latest book. Listen. Read More »

Healthy summertime tips

It’s time for a (healthy) gut check with Molly Morgan. Listen. How to raise an “unselfie” kid in a selfie-crazed world. Listen.  Do most everything better, cheaper, faster with money pro Mary Hunt. Listen.  Keep your small fries safe this summer with practical tips from Dr. Lara Zibners. Listen. Read More »

Less stress, more meat and a cake that’s to die for!

Feeling a bit stressed? Don Joseph Goewey explains how to end it once and for all. Listen. 5-time James Beard Award winner Steven Raichlen rubs us the right way with tips and tricks from his latest book Sauces, Rubs and Marinades. Listen.  Do you like big butts and you just don’t care? Learn about the South’s Best Butts from the ... Read More »

Happy Father’s Day!

Jon Gordon is a hard workin’ day who shatters the myth or work/life balance. Listen. Chef Ming Tsai is a Dad that owes it all to his Mom. Listen.  Bruce Feiler created a Council of Dads for his children. Listen. Richard Paul Evans wants to open doors for his kids; especially these four. Listen. Read More »