Jeff & Jenn

Top 3 Thursday: Best Things About Bengals Tailgating

Jeff: -3- Skyline Dip.  Best served with the biggest scoop chips available! -2- Bobby Stephen’s Pork Tenderloin -1- Kristen’s Sage Rub Ribs Jenn: -3- Beer! It just tastes right at a tailgate party! -2- Burgers on the grill -2-The weather and the comfy clothes that goes with it! Fritsch: -3- The FOOD!  The more calories, the better! -2- The comradery ... Read More »

Minimal Effort Couple Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s during a great time of the year, there are all the awesome treats, haunted attractions, and then the parties.  BUTTT…. the last couple years, I really haven’t been loving elaborate costumes.  I just want to be comfortable!! Here are a few “MINIMAL EFFORT” but cool couple costumes. Click on each for the ... Read More »

Top 3 Thursday: Favorite Fall Things


Today is the first day of October and we are all excited about Fall. Here are our Top 3 Favorite Fall Things! Jeff #3-  It’s my favorite time to drink red wine.  May I suggest the Chateau St Jean. #2- The sound of OTR church bells chiming on cool, crisp mornings. #1- Fall foliage Jenn #3- Football! Whether it’s bundling ... Read More »

Jenn’s New Star Wars Tattoo


While discussing Star Trek verses Star Wars today on the show.  Jeff challenged Jenn’s love for Star Wars and she proved us all wrong when she pulled up her pant leg and showed us her new R2D2 tattoo!!  Here is a pic of it!   Read More »