Bourbon Milk Punch

3 oz bourbon 1 oz dark rum 4 oz milk (cream or half and half for richer drink) 1/4 oz vanilla extract 1.5 oz simple syrup dash of grated nutmeg In a mixing glass three quarters filled with ice, pour the bourbon, rum, milk or cream vanilla and simple syrup . Shake vigorously until chilled. About 30 seconds. Strain into ... Read More »

Buffer, blush, build and bank!

Discover The Buffer Zone Diet with Fred Cuellar. Listen. Get Brave Beauty tips with Kendall Stolz. Listen. Anna White shares how to create a handbuilt home. Listen. Mary Hunts tells how to do everything Cheaper, Better, Faster. Listen. Read More »

Curl up with a good book this morning

Audrey Bullar shares her list of fall must reads. Listen. Deepa Thomas shared secrets from her book, Deepa’s Secrets. Listen. Chad Cooper explains that time isn’t your problem, you are. Listen.  Leanne Brown dishes on how to eat good- and cheap. Listen.  Read More »

Melting, toasting, grilling and grazing on Amy’s Table this morning

Man, I love Meathead! I learn so much from Mr. Goldwyn. I think you will, too. Listen B-coastal foodie Jill Donenfeld got her roots here, in Cincinnati. Listen Fancy a little mac n cheese? For great tips on making it marvelous, listen to this interview, first! Listen.  The world is filled with fascinating flora. Michael Largo seems to know them ... Read More »