Leadership, Guts, Timesavers….and Cocktails

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly explains how we can step into our power and lead Listen to the interview Molly Morgan shares smoothie recipes and tips for good gut health. Listen to the interview Caroline Wright offers strategies for 20 dollar/20 minutes meals Listen to the interview Kim Haasarud whips up Tropical Drinks for summer Listen to the interview Sign up to recieve recipes and tips in my ... Read More »

Lift Layer Clean and Balance

Dr. Jon Mendelssohn talks about the truths- and myths- behind face lifts. Listen to the interview Jill Donenfeld raises a toast to TOAST! Listen to the interview. Katie Farrell explains how we can clean up our diets.  Listen to the interview Jon Gordon shares strategies (and realities) for work life balance. Listen to the interview Sign up to recieve recipes and tips in my monthly newsletter here. Check ... Read More »

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from Amy’s Table!  Today I’m honored to feature some pretty amazing Pops! Bruce Feiler organized a Council of Dads for his children. Listen to the interview Brad Meltzer searched for Heros for his Daughter. Listen to the interview Richard Paul Evans shares some fatherly lessons. Listen to the interview Mike Adamick shared fathering, and cooking, tips from his book Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes. Listen to ... Read More »

Cowboys, Grills and Pies

We’re chatting about Cowboys, Grills and Pies on Amy’s Table today. Mamas. maybe you should let your babies grow up to be cowboys and  poets. Kent Rollins is both! Check out his recipe for Wagon-Wheel Steak. Listen to the interview.  Andrew Schloss inspires us to “beet” a path to the grill. Check out his recipe for Mixed Grilled Beets with Orange Hazelnut Gremolata.  Listen to the interview Jennifer ... Read More »

Don’t worry. Be happy.

Amy’s Table is all about feeling good  this morning! From high quality life choices to second chances after making poor ones, to success in the kitchen and control over our attitude…..Smile! Life is good! We’re celebrating it on Amy’s Table! Jane Wilkens Michael shares wisdom and insights (including the Japanese mantra Kaizen!)  from her book Long Live You. Listen to the interview. Dr. Jon ... Read More »

So long Spring. Hello Summer!

Summer fun isn’t for the faint of heart Dr. Ann DeClueshares tips for protecting yours. Listen to the interview. Jessica Merchant explains how to make everything Seriously Delish.  Listen to the interview. Do you have a child heading off to college in the fall? Anna Boiardi shares her recipe for Leaving Home Pasta. Listen to the interview. If you want more than your garden to grow ... Read More »

Make it a memorable Memorial Day!

7 Start your summer out on the right foot! Dr, Katherine Kelly explains  how to maintain not just your body, but Soul Health, too. Listen to the interview. David Guas gives grilling tips to the nation from his book, Grill Nation. Listen to the interview. Amy Stewart proves even botanists like a good cocktail and she share plenty of tips from her book ... Read More »

Raising spirits. And herbs. And kids.

This morning is all about raising. Raising kids. Herbs. Awareness into our family history. And our spirits. Feeling good this morning on Amy’s Table! Amy McCready shares tips for raising kids  Listen to the interview Rita Heikenfeld tells us how to get the most from our summer herb garden  Listen to the interview Megan Smolenyak fascinates with a look into family trees  Listen to the ... Read More »

Happy Mother’s Day from Amy’s Table!

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day! Rita Heikenfeld  chatted about Summer Herbs  Listen to the interview Natalie Bovis whipped up Edible Cocktails Listen to the interview Liza Mundy  declared that women are The Richer Sex  Listen to the interview Molly Gilbert tossed together  Sheet Pan Suppers  Listen to the interview Sign up to recieve recipes and tips in my monthly newsletter here. Check out the classes ... Read More »

Herbs, Husbands, Cash and Cocktails….get ’em all on Amy’s Table!

0 Kinda like a snapshot of life on Amy’s Table  this morning We’re talking about herbs, husbands, cash and cocktails. Happy Sunday! Rita Heikenfeld shares her endless knowledge of all things herbal. Listen to the interview. Mary Hunt explains how to do most anything Cheaper, Better, Faster. Listen to the interview. Dr, Steven Craig describes the 6 Husbands every woman should have. Listen to the interview. ... Read More »