Color me Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy these recipes for LUCK! Ellen Whitehurst gave us ways to enhance and turn our luck around Rita Heikenfeld shared her green-thumb tips Jo Robinson talked green-eating from her book EATING ON THE WILD SIDE Outdoor [green] living with Jamie Durie I shared my [green] Inspired Idea – Fresh Centerpieces Read More »

We're living it up- and fully- on Amy's Table this morning

Dr. Sanjay Jain shares tips for enjoying life to the fullest Suzanne Evans  gave insight from her book The Way You Do Anything Is the Way You Do Everything Living Strong, Fit and Sexy with Dr. Jen Sacheck Justin Carabello talks about living following his dream and how Carabello Coffee gives back I shared my Inspired Idea – Life is a Pie [chart] Read More »

Italian for Love

Okay, Panna Cotta isn’t really Italian for love. It’s Italian for “cooked cream”.  The cream in this case is simmered with lemon peel and enriched with creme fraiche or sour cream before being topped with an easy mixed berry sauce. Get the recipe here. For me, it’s Italian for love!   Read More »

March Madness? Keep your Sanity!

March Madness? Keep calm and carry on! Learn how to keep your sanity on Amy’s Table this morning! Lisa Woodruff shared insight into the emotion of clutter and how to de-clutter Kristen Brown gave us unconventional ways to be happy and beat stress Mary Hunt shared her 7 money rules for Life to take control of your financial future Todd Patkin explored FINDING HAPPINESS I ... Read More »

A Home Grown show today

It’s a home grown show today on Amy’s Table at 8am on Q102. Women Amplifying Success locally and beyond with Krista Neher and Elaine Suess How to WOW your Spring Window Boxes with Chris Howard Jen Kiblinger from Circle Tail talked about their fundraiser and the organization Colonel De Stewart added some homegrown local spice I shared my Inspired Idea recipe for Mexican Chocolate Cake with Cayenne and ... Read More »

Taking care from head to toe

Discover how to be Naturally Pain-Free with Letha Hadady Learn HOW TO FEED A FAMILY: Eat Healthy, Live Happy, Stay Sane from Laura Keogh & Ceri Marsh Erin Palinski-Wade shares how to Eat, Drink, and Be Slender Feng Shui tips from expert  Cyd Alper-Sedgwick I shared my Inspired Idea – Button Up Read More »

Love is in the air!

Debbianne DeRose shares her Guide to MANifesting  6 Husbands Every Wife Should Have with Stephen Craig Learn the 5 Love Languages from Gary Chapman Joe Pescatalli gives us tips to love a Heart-healthy life I shared my Inspired Idea – Panty Cookies Read More »

Love is in the air, and on our plates

Consider the Fork with Bee Wilson Donna Covrett & Courtney Tsitouris stopped by to dish on Cincinnati City Stories Nostalgic recipes we all love from Rosie Daykin Jenna Goudreau shared the top 10 qualities all employers love I shared my Inspired Idea recipe for Beef Wellington Read More »