Put a little spring in your Easter style!

Jennifer Scott dishes up French style secrets from her book, Lessons from Madam Chic What to Wear & what to Toss with Amy Goodman  Bridget Raes gives us Life & Style RX French Food and Style with Wini Moranville I shared my Inspired Idea Spring recipe – Goat Cheese Deviled Eggs   Read More »

What's for (Easter) Dinner?

Joan Weir chatted about Cooking Confidence I planned Easter Dinner with Lucinda Scala Quinn Jennifer Scott revealed Lifestyle secrets and rules that guide the French Surviving Infidelity with Dr. Scott Haltzman I shared my Inspired Idea Easter Favorites – Roast Leg of Lamb, Candy Carrots, and Easter Wine Parings Read More »

Spring is in the Air

Fresh from the Farm with Susie Middleton 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me from Richard Paul Evans Small Space Living with Libby Langdon How Parents can avoid The Entitlement Trap I shared Spring Inspired Idea recipes for Carrot Cake and a Violette Cocktail Read More »

Spring, Opening day and Local Legends

In honor of spring, and opening day, I’m chatting with and about  Cincinnati  legends. Character Lessons from a Local Legend with Doug Coates Our Hometown Favorite [Chili] from Samir Daoud Beauty in the Grove with Phil Nuxhall The Sandy Strong project from Jesse Ditmore [our Youngest Local Legend] I shared my Inspired Idea recipe for an All-American favorite – Apple Pie Read More »

Color me Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy these recipes for LUCK! Ellen Whitehurst gave us ways to enhance and turn our luck around Rita Heikenfeld shared her green-thumb tips Jo Robinson talked green-eating from her book EATING ON THE WILD SIDE Outdoor [green] living with Jamie Durie I shared my [green] Inspired Idea – Fresh Centerpieces Read More »

We're living it up- and fully- on Amy's Table this morning

Dr. Sanjay Jain shares tips for enjoying life to the fullest Suzanne Evans  gave insight from her book The Way You Do Anything Is the Way You Do Everything Living Strong, Fit and Sexy with Dr. Jen Sacheck Justin Carabello talks about living following his dream and how Carabello Coffee gives back I shared my Inspired Idea – Life is a Pie [chart] Read More »

Italian for Love

Okay, Panna Cotta isn’t really Italian for love. It’s Italian for “cooked cream”.  The cream in this case is simmered with lemon peel and enriched with creme fraiche or sour cream before being topped with an easy mixed berry sauce. Get the recipe here. For me, it’s Italian for love!   Read More »