Herbs, Husbands, Cash and Cocktails….get ’em all on Amy’s Table!

0 Kinda like a snapshot of life on Amy’s Table  this morning We’re talking about herbs, husbands, cash and cocktails. Happy Sunday! Rita Heikenfeld shares her endless knowledge of all things herbal. Listen to the interview. Mary Hunt explains how to do most anything Cheaper, Better, Faster. Listen to the interview. Dr, Steven Craig describes the 6 Husbands every woman should have. Listen to the interview. ... Read More »

Making money, meals and ……toast!

Donna Skeels Cygan,  author of The Joy of Financial Security,  discussed the art and science of becoming happier, managing your money wisely, and creating a secure financial future. Listen to the interview. Grill Nation host David Guas instructed us how to get in the zone….by setting your grill up in zones. David shared grilling tips and tricks from his new book, Grill Nation. Listen to the ... Read More »

Farm fresh food- and flora!

Chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt gives tips on working with chocolate and discusses his book Chocopologie Listen to the interview TV Chef and author James Briscone shares the secrets to becoming a Great Cook Listen to the interview Susie Middleton talks about life Fresh from the Farm Listen to the interview Michael Largo sheds new light on plant life and his Big Bad Book of Botany Listen to the interview Sign up ... Read More »

Cincinnati in full bloom

Amy’s Table is in full bloom this morning! I’m chatting with a group of Cincinnatian’s that make life here a little bit more beautiful- and delicious! Alfio Gulisano makes our mouths water with the inside scoop on his popular wine dinners. JW Fleckenstein explains what’s new and exciting for the return of the Cincinnati Flower Show. Cyd-AlperSedgwick shares feng shui tips to make ... Read More »

Easter Treats

Happy Easter!  This morning on Amy’s Table at we’re dishing up Easter treats for you and your family. Valerie Young tells us how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome. Listen to the interview. Lara Hamilton offers strategies for Diabetic Cooking  Listen to the interview. Lucinda Scala Quinn shares her own family’s Easter Traditions Listen to the interview. Joan Weir instructs us on the finer points of preparing ... Read More »

Amy’s Table: Brought to you by the Letter F

This morning on Amy’s Table at 8 we’re dishing up (Southern) Fried food, (Gluten) Free treats, (Door)Framed table and Farm fresh recipes. James Villas explains the secrets to great Southern Fried food. Anne Byrn gives tips on baking great gluten-free treats. Maryam Montague explores Marakesh Style and a great DIY table Susie Middleton offers up Fresh from the Farm recipes that let good fresh food shine through ... Read More »

Flavors of the world, both near and far, on Amy’s Table

It’s a  whirlwind tour of tastes on Amy’s Table today. Robin Mathers explains how to make the most of The Feast Nearby with her recipe for Whole Strawberries in Balsamic Black Pepper Syrup. Listen to the interview Jo Robinson shares incredibly interesting insights into food from her book Eating on the Wild Side. Listen to the interview.  Hunky DIY Network landscaper Jamie Durie tells us ... Read More »

Fresh Ideas for Spring

Spring couldn’t get here soon enough for me! This morning on Amy’s Table we’re getting back into the garden with fresh ideas for life at home. Margarita Martinez shared recipes from Cabot Creamery. Listen to the interview. Nina Simonds explained the basics of Asian cookery and a great recipe for Tofu Noodle Salad with Tahini Dressing. Listen to the interview. Margaret Roach extolled ... Read More »

It’s a Sweet, Salty, Savory and Whiskey-soaked morning on Amy’s Table

Sweet! Blogger Jessica Merchant dishes up some Seriously Delish treats. Listen to the interview. Salthy! Nancy Bruns takes us to the family salt mines. Listen to the interview. Savory! Sheet Pan Suppers! Molly Gilbert tells how to simplify supper. Listen to the interview. Whiskey-soaked! Female Master Distiller Melissa Heimchats about making Cherry and Marion Berry Whiskeys. Listen to the interview. This week’s Inspired Idea: Just in time for St Patrick’s Day,Beef ... Read More »

Time on our hands

Since we lose an hour next week, there is no time like the present to take on time. Today we’re discussing how to make more of it, how to use it wisely and how to feel great while we’re at it. Michael Terman helps us to reset our Inner-Clock. Listen to the interview Bedtime! We’re off to DREAMLAND with David Randall. Listen to the interview ... Read More »