Simmering Sunday

I am in my element when it comes to putting together a pot of soup. I rarely follow a recipe and often use what’s in the fridge. Annie Bell shares my passion for soup, and she joined me to talk about her book, Soup Glorious Soup, and shared her recipe for Leek and Potato Soup. Listen to the interview. If you’re looking ... Read More »

The Doctor is IN!

Today it’s all about medical answers and advice on Amy’s Table. The Doctor is IN! Dr. Andrew Weil talks about the link between health and happiness. Listen to the interview.  Dr. John Weske, Atrium’s Medical Director of Radiology  joined me to talk about Breast Health. Listen to the interview.  Dr. Dale Block shared advice about keeping athletes safe and how to avoid, treat and test ... Read More »

Ooh la la it’s Jacques Pepin!

It was such a pleasure to speak with Jacques Pepin about his career and his latest cookbook.   Listen to the interview. Mireille  Guliano chatted about her career and Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire Listen to the interview.  Wini Moranville talked about the art of aperitif and The Bonne Femme Cookbook. Listen to the interview. Patti Schwartz talked about the history-and future- of Back Acre ... Read More »

Food + Wine, Farmers + Flowers

Portland Chef John Gorham is part of this year’s Food + Wine Classic. He joined me to talk about his latest projects. Listen to the interview. Fine Cooking Editor Jennifer Armentrout is also part of the Food + Wine Classic. She joined me to chat about the finer points of fried chicken.  Listen to the interview. Grateful Grahams founder Rachel Desrochers chatted about A Grateful Plate on September 27th at New ... Read More »

So long, Summer

Sarahjoy Marsh inspired  us with thoughts from her book Hunger Hope and Healing. Listen to the interview. Dr Jon Mendelsohn was right on the nose with his insights on rhinoplasty and aging breasts. Listen to the interview. Leanne Brown filled us up with food that is Good and Cheap based on ideas that are solid gold! Listen to the interview. Where have all the cowboys ... Read More »

Mindful and informed

I loved chatting with Toby Harris of Huit about his participation in the Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic. Listen to the interview.  The Foodist,  Darya Pino Rose, shared lots of  scientific wisdom about weight loss, plus a killer recipe for roasted cauliflower.  Listen to the interview.  Looking for more time?  Lisa Woodruff explained how to find an hour in your day!   Listen to the interview.  ... Read More »

It’s about time!

Whether it’s a single word, a 12-week year, or finally, once and for all, getting thinner this year, this morning’s show is all about time. It boils down to One Word with Dan Britton. Listen to the interview.  Learn how to get it all done in a 12-Week Year with Michael Lennington. Listen to the interview.  Get Thinner this Year with Dr. Jen Sacheck. Listen to ... Read More »

It’s a Blogger Brigade!

It’s a Blogger Brigade on Amy’s Table this morning! Cincinnati native and food writer Keith Pandolfi joined me to talk about the Cincinnati food scene and his role in the upcoming Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic.  Listen to the interview.  Danielle Walker shares how to overcome food allergy and sensitivity hurdles with tips from her blog and book Against All Grain. Listen to ... Read More »

Can’t stand the heat? Chill out on Amy’s Table.

It’s a scorcher out there! Chill out this morning with great advice from Amy’s Table guests. Can’t stand the heat? Get IN to the kitchen and MELT with great recipes for Mac N’ Cheese from Stephanie Stiavetti.  Listen to the interview Dr Jon Mendelsohn explains a “no sweat” solution to excessive sweating. Listen to the interview Blogger and author Angela Liddon shares how to get ... Read More »

Life’s a Balancing Act

From work to flavors, wine to nutrition, it’s all about balance on Amy’s Table. Jon Gordon shatters the work/life balance myth. Listen to the interview. Ming Tsai balances flavors (and shares his Mom’s Vinegar Shrimp recipe) Listen to the interview.  Kate MacMurray talks about life on the ranch- and with her famous father. Listen to the interview.  Dr Jessica Wu suggests a balanced diet is our best ... Read More »