Jeff & Jenn

Some of the most romantic restaurants in US are here in Cincinnati!

Our friends at Open Table have put together a list of the 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in the US.  We are excited to report that 2 Cincinnati spots have made the list!  The list was compiles with info from 5 million reviews of more than 20,000 restaurants. Orchids at Palm Court which is in the Carew Tower and Hilton Netherlands Plaza Hotel. ... Read More »

VIDEO: New Coldplay ft Beyoncé

As we get ready for the Super Bowl halftime show next week with Coldplay and Beyoncé. (word is Bruno Mars will make an appearance, too)  – here is the new Coldplay video Hymm For The Weekend featuring Beyoncé.  Check it out! Read More »

Are these the 8 Best Pickup Lines in the world?

Some folks Reddit are sharing their best pickup lines, so far these are the top 8 1. “Are you a 0% APR loan? Because I’m having trouble understanding your terms and you aren’t showing any interest.” 2. “Do you have a raisin? No? How about a date?” 3. “Are you my appendix? Because I don’t know anything about you but ... Read More »