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Jeff & Jenn Podcast 5-5-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, News That Didn’t Make the News, How much sleep do you loose as a mom, How many times will you find love in your life?, 5 ways to keep your brain sharp, Mom vs Dude Movie Review, Captain American: Civil War, Cinco de Mayo. Read More »

Mom vs. Dude Movie Reviews: Captain America: Civil War

Two perspectives.  One Movie. Jenn and Tim went to see Captain America: Civil War I’m a superhero fan, that’s no secret. I think they’re hot. I love Iron Man and Thor and Captain America and I even have a thing for Ant Man and Spiderman. Hawkeye is kinda cute sometimes too. So I was excited to see Captain America: Civil War ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 5-4-16

2nd Date Update, Jeff and Jenn revisit with a couple who were engaged on Q102 25 years ago, What’s Hot with Fritsch, Mint Julep, Most influential gadget of all time, Mother’s Day gifts women really want, Kangaroo on attacks. Read More »

What’s Hot with Fritsch???

This is KY Derby week and in honor of the KY Derby why not have a Mint Julep. Old Forester has a pre-mixed Mint Julep you can buy at any liquor store. If you’re having a Derby party this weekend, be sure to stock up on plenty of Mint Juleps. If you would like to go the more traditional route ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 5-3-16

50 Cent made a viral video about Andrew Farrell who is a local special needs friend of our show, Jeff & Jenn talk to Andrew, E News, Prince has a lost interview with “Rolling Stone,” The Biggest Loser Diet is NOT the best diet to go on, Fake or For Real, Classic 2nd Date Update, Jeff & Jenn Jury, Should ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn talk with Andrew Farrell

You may recognize his name.  He made news because of an encounter with 50 Cent at CVG airport.  50 Cent recorded himself degrading Andrew who is a CVG worker with social anxiety and mild autism. Listen as Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch, and Tim talk with Andrew about how is feeling about the whole ordeal. We love his message! Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 5-2-16

2nd Date Update, Starbucks is being sued for not giving the correct amount of iced coffee, 11 year old shot intruder, North Korea had their 1st bank robbery, A dog helped find people in a fire, At work stretching, What did you find that wasn’t what you thought it was? Read More »

The One Stretch You Should Do If You Have A Desk Job

If you sit at a desk all day, the best stretch you can do is a yoga move called a prayer squat. A “prayer squat” is the best yoga move to do if you have to sit at your desk all day. You squat down as low as you can without lifting your heels off the floor. It’s good because ... Read More »