Jakobs Journal

They’ve Come Up With A Name For It…

Without a doubt, I have experienced several of these symptoms and I know of more than a few other Moms who have as well. I knew I was becoming more Autistic :)… Beware of MASK syndrome Lisa Barrett Mann, M.S.Ed. Have you noticed any of these symptoms recently: • Irritability? • Hyper-vigilance? • Repetitive speech? • Avoidance of social interaction? ... Read More »

Laughing at Myself…

I’m Autistic too. I’ve dug in my heels and I’m saying “no” to everything. No to straightening the house. No to organizing stuff. No to managing or taking care of anything. Big fat no’s everywhere. It’s a long list. I like it. Thanks, Jakob for showing me how to say no to things I just don’t feel like doing right ... Read More »

Walk Now 2010…Waking Up

Each year, Walk Now for Autism Speaks is a new experience for me. Our walk over the weekend raised over $300,000 and had 8000-10,000 walkers. It was a sea of people. Maybe it was the sheer numbers this year that felt new. Maybe it was the sunshine…not a drop of rain and that was a first. Maybe it was that ... Read More »

See You Saturday…

Looking forward to spending time with the awesome Tri-State Autism Community this Saturday at Coney Island for the 3rd Annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks Cincinnati. Love this day. Here’s what last year looked like (thank you, Dennis Schoner)… Read More »

May 2, 2010…yummy

Friggin boogers. No biggie if they’re in a tissue and I don’t have to see them. Watching one get pulled out of a nose and placed directly into the mouth where it is then chewed and occasionally sucked on, different story. I hate boogers. My stomach turns just thinking about them. So frickin gross. It’s safe to say that I ... Read More »

April 21, 2010…having a good time

A few fun things going on in my house this week… Whenever the air conditioner kicks on, the lights in the playroom dim for a quick second. Of course, Jakob noticed it. They only dim when the a/c kicks on, nothing happens if it’s just the fan. So now, whenever the fan kicks on he goes and shuts the light ... Read More »

April 19…a jog and a great read

Game over. I can no longer sit around being all fat and lazy. Jakob has a new thing. He likes jogging…or as he puts it “fast run”. No more leisurely walks for us, the kid wants to “fast run”. The poor landscaping people in my subdivision were looking at us and I could tell they were wondering if they should ... Read More »

Love This Guy…

This is from Gerd, a Son-Rise teacher… “THE POWER OF BEING AN IRRESISTIBLE MAGNET FROM GERD: Every time I go into any Son-Rise Playroom, I firmly believe that I am the most powerful irresistible magnet in the world. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that I will be so exciting, attractive, compelling and inviting that the child will ... Read More »

March 22, 2010…back home

It sure is a wonderful thing to get out of town for a few days. I really gotta do that more often. Especially if the trip involves Sheffield, Mass. It’s just so great to get rejuvenated, inspired and reminded. Reminded why I’m doing all this and why I believe in it so deeply. Since being back, I’ve found myself in ... Read More »