Brian & Laura

2016 Bunbury Dates Announced

Promowest announced today that the Bunbury Music Festival will take place June 3-5 again at Sawyer Point & Yeatman’s Cove Downtown. Tickets are on sale now for more info click here. The 2016 lineup will be announced early next year. Read More »

It’s Day 4 Of Brian and Laura’s Gratitude Journal To Reboot Your Brain

Research has proven if you are grateful for 3 things everyday for 21 days you will become a happier person. We are posting our 3 things here everyday. Here are ours for Monday. Brian’s 3 Things 1- Netflix new original series #Narcos #wow 2- Hamilton County Parks #breathe 3- Marzeti’s Classic Light Ranch dressing #incredible Laura’s 3 Things 1- My ... Read More »

If You Do This Everyday…It Will Make You Happy

Research has proven that you can rewire your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you are grateful for everyday for 21 days! We will update our list everyday for the next 3 weeks 😉 Our list for today 8/26/2015 Laura 1-My Kids Laughter 2-Molly’s Late Night Tipsy Texts 3-Lip Gloss Brian 1-My 3 amazing kids! 2-My Girlfriend…who ... Read More »

Taylor Swift And Her Friends Rock!

Taylor is in the middle of doing a string of Sold Out shows in Los Angeles and she has had a ton of special guests show up on stage with her including Ellen, Alanis Morrisette and many others! Click here to see video and read about the shows! Read More »