Tim Eats Clifton

#TimEatsClifton: Ninja Grill

This was an accidental trip for lunch with my colleague and friend, Jay.  I forget where we were going, but we found a parking spot on McMillan right in front of Ninja Grill.  We thought, why not?! The sign said “Hibachi Express” – sounded good to us! When you walk in – you fill out a little menu on what ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Harvest Bistro and Wine Bar

Back on track after the busy holidays with my most recent stop in Clifton – Harvest.  It was formerly called LaPoste if you remember that spot. This definitely is the nicest place in Clifton I’ve been to so far. We went with our friend’s Steph and Adam for a special occasion, so we made sure to get some wine.  They had ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Bibibop Asian Grill

Bibibop is a regional chain restaurant based out of Columbus and they have a location at Liberty Center and at UC.  I walked in there blind.  I had no idea what it was or had heard anything about it. It is a Korean style rice bowl meal. When you walk in, it is super clean, bright, and the staff greets you ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Corinthian

I have driven by Corinthian so many times and thought…THAT LOOKS FUN!  So we gave it a whirl last week. First off, their menu has so many things on it.  It is sort of a Greek restaurant, but also has Pizza and Subs, Pastas and Chicken Wings, and all sorts of stuff.  Everyone we saw was getting pizza.  There was ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Ambar India

  I met Shayok on a Town of the Week trip back in the day. He loved listening to the show, went to Princeton H.S. and then Xavier, and wanted to show off some of his favorite Indian restaurants in Sharonville. That was my introduction to Indian food. I don’t eat it very much and I don’t know why, because it ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Mediterranean King

Some of my favorite foods and spices are from the cultures and countries of the Middle East, so this go around, we got carryout from Mediterranean King on Clifton Ave.  It’s in a small little strip mall between Ludlow and Good Sam. There are lots of fun things to try on the menu like the “pickles starter” or “falafel” – but ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Alabama Que

Remember the storm we had last week.  We decided to go to Currito right before it hit.  Traffic was nuts as we got into Clifton, so we decided to check out options on less traveled Short Vine.  The light was on at Alabama Q.  Perfect! We ran in and got some take out and back home before it poured! All ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Hangover Easy

We walked from our house in Prospect Hill up Sycamore from Liberty and past Christ Hospital into Clifton.  We burned some seriously calories on the way to Hang Over Easy.  It’s in the old Holy Grail location on Charlton Street. This place is open all day and evening, but is known as a good breakfast/brunch spot.  We met some family there ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: Los Potrillos

I’ve got a few snarky comments about discussing trying to lose weight and also eating my way through Clifton. So, I figured I address this briefly. Yes, they don’t necessarily compliment each other, but I still have to eat AND I refuse to drink nothing but protein shakes.  Most of these restaurants have paleo, or healthy choices on their menus ... Read More »

#TimEatsClifton: China Food

We have gotten take out from China Food for years and it’s a solid go-to, so I thought I’d meet some friends from Children’s Hospital for lunch for this edition of #TimEatsClifton It’s a small place, with maybe 10-15 tables.  Part of the staff was hand folding dumplings.  It was clean and the staff, while not knowing very much English, was ... Read More »