Jeff & Jenn

Double Check Your Charity

There are many scammers out there pretending to be charities.  Especially as we get into the holiday season.  Here are some websites you can check out to verify it is a REAL charity.   Read More »

Netflix Introduces 5-Minute Bedtime Movies for Kids

We just talked last week about kids and their stalling tactics and maybe this can help.  Netflix has announced that they are going to do five-minute episodes of the popular kids DreamWorks TV show Dinotrux—cut down drastically from their typical 23 minutes.  This could be a win-win for parents and kids alike!  CLICK HERE to read more. Read More »

Can’t Grow a Manbun? Buy one!

If your man wants to grow a manbun and you just won’t have it or he can’t get through the awkward phase, just buy him a clip on manbun! All hope is lost. You can now purchase a clip-on man bun: — Elite Daily (@EliteDaily) November 10, 2015 Read More »

Top 3 Thursday: Best Things About Falling Back

JEFF: 1. Function. Jeff functions better at night. 2. Sleep. Jeff sleeps better at night. 3. Sight. Jeff sees better at night. (Is Jeff a vampire?  Is that why Jenn loves him so?) JENN: 1. Christmas Lights!! 2. Having a few drinks at 5PM doesn’t feel wrong!! 3. Fireplaces!! FRITSCH: 1. The holidays are coming soon! 2. Going to sleep ... Read More »