Jeff & Jenn

Apps to make Halloween Safer

Family Locator – See the real-time location of your kids on the map & stay in touch with instant messages.  It’s like GPS for your kids! Red Panic Button – When you are in trouble press the red panic button!  S.O.S for you kids and a link on a map where they are. Life360 – See where your kids are on ... Read More »

Did Someone Die In Your House?

Just in time for Halloween. Here is info about a new app! Would you really like to know?? #JustInTimeForHalloween #AllHousesAreHaunted — Peter Manivani (@kwREcareers) October 26, 2015 Read More »

Wine Pairings with Halloween Candy

Let’s face it, you’re going to be at a party that has wine and there will be Halloween candy laying around. We reached out to our friend Zach at Oakley Wines about great pairings for chocolates.  He said: Pinot Noir , Moscato, Port, Sherry, Sparkling rosé are all good with chocolates.  Zach said to stay away from Cabernet, Nebbiolo or anything dry or with heavier tannins. ... Read More »

Drew Lachey joins “The Skivvies”

Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati presents:  THE SKIVVIES TICKETS: $30 Expect a hilarious evening of genre-hopping pop perfection! This “musically thrilling,” undie-rock, comedy-pop duo performs regularly to sold-out audiences in New York and beyond. Fri, Oct 23 @ 11:00 pm We are thrilled to announce some very special guests who will be joining The Skivvies! Local celebrity/ Dancing with the Stars Champ/Member of ... Read More »