Our Goals for 2017!

Experts say that if you write down your goals and resolutions for the new year, that you have a better chance of accomplishing them.  So here are our Top 3 Goals of 2017. JEFF: -1-Finish decorating my house -2-Travel more -3-Be a better parent to Joe & Gracie JENN: -1- Be compassionate -2- Happy -3- Healthy FRITSCH: With a new ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn’s Fave Second Date Updates of 2016!

Second Date Update is one of our favorite segments!  Here are some of our personal faves of the past year. JEFF: Damn, this is a tough one. Let me think on this. We do so many – they’re all kind of a blur. JENN: -1- Wiener dog tattoo on his manhood. -2  He peed in the pool at Coney island -3- ... Read More »

Our Favorite Jenn Moments of 2016!

JEFF: When Jenn reacted to hearing Fun Robby say Jenn was the one who got away FRITSCH: Going through Jenn’s 5 date Challenge was my FAVE!!! Watching Jenn go out on dates, sometimes going with her. Having Fun Robbie call in and tell her she was the one that got away was a great way to wrap up Jenn’s dating life. I ... Read More »