Help those in need after Tri-State flooding

If you are looking for ways to help with the localized flooding that happened on Sunday, here are resources to consider. Matthew 25 Ministries is distributing supplies, such as personal care, cleaning kits, safety supplies and paper products to those in need. For more, click here. Join the conversation – whether you can offer help or are in need of help ... Read More »

Just Chillin

  Jeni Briton gives the scoop on all things Ice Cream! Jeni’s Ice Cream- Listen to the interview. Bake up a little nostalgia with tips from Rosie’s, a little bneighborhood Bakery. Listen to the interview.  Get great ideas for the most important part of book club, the food! from the Book Club Cookbook. Listen to the interview.  Do you like ... Read More »

A big picture look at life

Allen Vaysberg shares his Seamless technique for happier, healthier living. Listen to the interview.  Pegi Burdick says it’s never about the money, even when it is. Listen to the interview.  Marline Koch explains how to Eat What You Love. Listen to the interview.  Sanjay Jain explains how to get the best ROI on life with tips from his book,  Optimal ... Read More »

Tim’s Crunchy Olive Salad!

I love this salad. It’s easy to make, so yummy, and decently healthy! I don’t remember where I got this originally, but it has morphed into this. Here’s what you need: -2 cans of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) -1 jar of regular store brand olives -Celery -Orange and Red Pepper (Yellow would work too) -Flat Leave Parsley -Red Onion -2 Lemon ... Read More »

Fritsch’s Fruit Flag!

Make my FRUIT FLAG this weekend! 1 carton of blueberries 2 cartons of strawberries 2 bags of yogurt pretzels This is super easy to make and kids and adults love it too. Wash all your fruit. Cut the stems off the strawberries before arranging. Line a cookie tray with foil and you’re all set to make your flag. FYI… The ... Read More »

Jeff’s Summer Panzanella!

Jeff’s Summer Panzanella! I ripped this off Ina Garten and made a few modifications, but there are no hard & fast rules, here. It’s basically just red & yellow tomatoes, slightly stale french bread, balsamic vinaigrette, extra virgin olive oil and a dash of lemon juice thrown together! I fly fast and loose, so these measurements are guesses. A colorful ... Read More »