Jeff & Jenn

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-15-16

A portion of this Podcast is glitchy. We apologize. Happy Birthday Jenn!!! What did you learn on yesterday’s show? 2nd Date Update, Nigel from Below Zero, Where did you go on your nontraditional bachelor/bachelorette party? Read More »

What’s Hot with Fritsch: Yellow Umbrellas in OTR!

The Yellow umbrella program wants to keep you dry in OTR!!! This is so cool! “Everyone’s Umbrella” launches today in OTR!!!!! Starting today at 10am you will find thousands of yellow umbrellas throughout OTR locations. You’re welcome to keep the umbrella, leave it in a different location. It’s an easy way to walk from business to business in OTR! Also opening ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-14-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, News that Didn’t Make the News, More than 1/3 of people hate their current job, What do men really want for Father’s Day?, Common lines people use to dump someone, Jeff & Jenn Jury, Is it OK to date the ex of your sister?, Jeff & Jenn go to Below Zero for the Orlando shooting memorial ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-10-16

Fake or For Real, 2nd Date Update, News That Didn’t Make the News, When you stop looking at other people as attractive, you’re really in love, $20 bills found in hamburgers, 5 bad habits that you could be doing every morning. Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-9-16

Ed Sheeran is getting sued for his “Photograph” song, Classic 2nd Date Update, Deep-fried Twinkies are now available at Walmart, People love hanging out at the airport, What crazy thing did a bride ask you to do at a wedding? Read More »