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Kentucky Speedway is having their LAST races of the year this week and it’s going to be an amazing weekend for racing. Friday and Saturday nights will see 2 different races and the end to the KY Speedway season. If you go, be sure to try a racing electronic scanner and you can hear what’s happening inside your favorite face ... Read More »

Podcast: Second Date Update: Here kitty, kitty… 9-22-16

Second Date Update: Here kitty, kitty, Pumpkin chocolate french fries, Hottest tortilla chip of all time, What utensils do you use to eat what?, A mother hits her own son with a motorcycle, Hottest Halloween costume, Chelsea Handler goes off on Brad Pitt, The latest on Brad and Angelina. Read More »

5th Grader Writes Rules for Classmate

Here are the rules that Zoe put together for Noah.  He thinks she is “his girlfriend” and that is not the case.  They are in 5th grade together and Zoe is a badass.   My friend who’s a 5th grade teacher just sent this to me! I’m dead!!! pic.twitter.com/FSDBxs9Vtq — Denny Dimples (@WhosDenverJones) September 15, 2016 Read More »