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Beehive Tarts with Buttercream Bees!

Amy Tobin is HERE!!! And look what she brought!  Beehive Tarts with Buttercream Bees and Meringue Hives! YUM! The tarts begin with Tiny Lemon Tarts which are topped with meringue “hives” (though you can also pipe on whipped cream) and lemon buttercream “bees” with chocolate stripes and almond wings. Click HERE for the Lemon Tart recipe. Click HERE for the Buttercream ... Read More »

The Best Price is Right shout-out EVER!

This guy makes the best shout out EVER on the Price is Right and here’s one of Jeff’s fav TV moments! Jeff spins the wheel on Price Is Right! — Jeff & Jenn on Q102 (@JeffandJennQ102) April 27, 2016 Read More »

Tim gets Flying Pig tips from WLWT’s Randi Rico

I am running the Flying Pig Relay this year. (I don’t know what we were thinking when we signed up in January) Our team is the Bacon Bits and I am running the third leg.  My friend Randi has run it before and I asked her for some tips because I am slightly freaking out. (-tim) Read More »

What’s Hot with Fritsch?

The Flying Pig Marathon… Be sure to keep an eye our for our very own Tim on the relay. He’ll be the one in the bacon tights. There is also a “bacon station” about half through the race this year. Feel free to stop by if you’re a runner or cheering someone on for some free bacon. Track your runner ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 4-26-26

Classic 2nd Date Update, News That Didn’t Make the News, Why your socks go missing in laundry, Uber and tipping, Women’s shoes are a pain in the butt, Jeff and Jenn Jury, Joint checking accounts for married couples. Read More »