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Best Use of a Selfie Stick!

We love sloths AND selfies!! This #selfie single-handedly justifies the existence of selfie-sticks. #slothselfie @reddit https://t.co/ekb3C3H7aK pic.twitter.com/twRDRMf973 — Dr. Alec Couros (@courosa) July 4, 2016 Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-30-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, News that Didn’t Make the News, America wins when it comes to boobs, How your kids can get hurt this summer, What would you do to wipe out your student loans?, What are the worst US cities?, A stolen dog is returned on a birthday, What did your pet do while you were gone? Read More »

Mom vs. Dude Movie Reviews: The Legend of Tarzan

Two perspectives. One Movie. Jenn and Tim went to see The Legend of Tarzan For me, movies aren’t so much judged by the acting or the script. It’s all about how a movie makes me feel. And Tarzan made me feel, a lot. With a tall, beefy, gorgeous half-naked Alexander Skarsgard and the stunningly perfect Margot Robbie, there is plenty to ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-29-16

2nd Date Update, News That Didn’t Make the News, How much does it cost you to have a cookout for 10 people on 4th of July?, Toyotas are America’s favorite car, If you’re going on job interview you should wear a low cut top, E News, Al Roaker speaks on Kayne’s “Famous” bed scene, Is “Game of Thrones” going away? Read More »

What’s Hot with Fritsch???

What’s Hot and NOT so hot??? First up, What’s HOT! Congrats to Over-the-Rhine for being named on of North America’s “coolest” neighborhoods in North America. When it comes to cool OTR has Taft’s Ale House, Christian Moerlein, Findlay Market, and it’s revitalization of the craft brewery scene. The survey gives a shout-out to high millennial population of 36.9 %. To ... Read More »

4th of July Shareable Sides!!!

Happy Birthday America!  You might be going to a cookout this weekend and asked to bring a side.  Here are some shareable sides that we like to make and share with our family and friends!  Click below for each of our recipes! If you make them, please let us know how they went or share a picture on our Jeff ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-28-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, News That Didn’t Make the News, What to do if you’re feeling exhausted, How you can be more attracted to your mate through playing with magnets, How to lose weight by just eating Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle has a free burrito reward card now, Jeff & Jenn Jury, Is 6 months old too young for earrings? E News, ... Read More »

Listener Julie’s Online Dating Rules

Julie is a big fan of Second Date Update.  She was asked by several of her girlfriends to draft some online dating rules. Julie dates about 3 times a week and her friends want to know how she’s doing it so successfully. She has shared these rules with her friends and with us! Julie’s Online Dating Rules First, be open to meeting anyone whose response ... Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-27-16

Channel 9 consumer reporter John Matarese tells us about the Ticketmaster tickets settlement, 2nd Date Update, News that Didn’t Make the News, Parents get into brawl at kindergarten graduation. Match game is BACK! Read More »

Jeff & Jenn Podcast 6-24-16

2nd Date Update, He “nailed” it, Justin Bieber Battle, Justin is in town tonight. Who will win the battle?, New that Didn’t Make the News, What is the best movie line/pick up movie line you’ve ever heard? Read More »