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#20PoundsDown – Tim’s Game Plan

We are one week in for our #20PoundsDown.  We are all doing our own thing to get healthy and hopefully drop some weight. Over the years, I have lost and gained weight, worked out with various trainers, food plans, diets, workout classes, paleo, crossfit, functional fitness classes, etc.  Here is what I know.  I am not a fan of any ... Read More »

MY KY with Fritsch

The bars are OPEN!!!! A few months ago, I told you about the new law that was passed in KY to allow bourbon distilleries to serve cocktails and other drinks. The law went into effect in July and now the bars are starting to open. Just recently Jim Beam opened their bar and is offering 3 different cocktails on the ... Read More »

Podcast: Second Date Update: Was that really that funny? 9-15-16

Second Date Update, Was that really that funny?, News That Didn’t Make the News, Jeff is out sick and he’s live on Facebook showing us his crib, Take a selfie if you’re feeling sad, A child is suing her parents for posting embarrassing photos on Facebook, Jeff’s new game, How contagious?, 6 things to not put in the fridge. Read More »

#20PoundsDown -Fritsch

Four days into #20PoundsDown and it’s going pretty well. My personal goal this week was to get at least 10,000 steps per day on my FitBit. Yesterday was a very challenging day because I was going to walk outside, which is my fave way to get my steps in and then it started raining. I mean pouring and that only ... Read More »

Who Dey Housewives Season 2

You cheer for your favorite Bengals players at Paul Brown Stadium, but these women support ’em at home. It’s back for a second season, Who Dey Housewives!! Get a look at what happens at home, with “Who Dey Housewives” with Mollie Watson. Every week Mollie is joined by her Co- Host Melissa Whitworth, wife of #77 Andrew Whitworth, and other Bengal wives. ... Read More »