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The Latest On Baby Hippo!

We were lucky enough to get the latest on the Baby Hippo born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo.  How is she doing? How was she born? Hippo love life? and what is her name?  Listen to our conversation with the Zoo’s Curator of Mammals, Christina Gorsuch.   Premature baby hippo born early yesterday remained stable overnight & is receiving around-the-clock ... Read More »

A Yummy Cocktail: My Funny Valentine

Here’s a delicious cocktail from New Riff Distilling’s Food & Beverage Manager, Jay Dickerson. It’s made with our New Make Bourbon Mash, Cocchi Americano Rosa and elderflower liqueur with a dash of orange bitters and a spoonful of cherry syrup. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED: –1.5 ounce New Riff New Make Bourbon Mash –1 ounce Cocchi Americano Rosa –.25 ounce elderflower ... Read More »

Podcast: Second Date Update: Don’t be a creeper 1-24-17

Second Date Update: Don’t be a creeper, News that Didn’t Make the News, Share good news right before bed to increase your happiness and your sex life, Why you don’t complain at restaurants, E News, the Razzie awards are out, Are Oprah and Stedman getting married?, Scott Baio is getting in trouble again Read More »