Jeff & Jenn Bling in a Box

Santa has left something for you and you need to find it.  Q102 is giving away $10,000 of jewelry from James Free Jewelers!!  Listen in the morning for clues to find 5 hidden boxes around the city and you could win thousands in jewelry from James Free Jewelers ($500, $1500, $2000, $2500, $3000).

Plus, find the hidden James Free Jewelers box somewhere on for your chance to win $500 gift card from James Free Jewelers.

Jenn will give clues each weekday at 6:40am  and  8:40 am.  Follow James Free Jewelers Facebook page to get clues early!

At James Free Jewelers you will get a great quality ring at the best price.  Check out their new engagement ring, “Laila.” $1995 for a GIA certified diamond engagement ring that you can afford without living on Ramen for a year. Shop James Free Jewelers at 95-55 Main street in Old Montgomery or visit