Q102 Secret Sound 2019!

New year, new Q102 Secret Sound!! Identify the Secret Sound and you will win the cash!!  Listen at 7:40AM, 9:40AM, 11:40AM, 1:40PM, and 3:40PM to play!

Listen at 5:40pm for a daily recap of the guesses.

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$6000 SECRET SOUND #2 

Tues 7:40 – Jenn rustling with a bag of potato chips she got out of the vending machine at Q102
Tues 9:40 – Jenn at the vending machine in the Q102 break room trying to get a bag of crackers.
Tues 11:40 – Fritsch taking a picture of Jenn opening up a package at Q102 and Jenn laughing about it.
Tue 1:40 – Tim doing a “Snack Time with Tim” segment, struggling to open a bag of popcorn and giggling.
Tue 3:40 – a drink opening




Congratulations to Charity from Northside!  She correctly guessed Secret Sound #1 – “Jeff opening of bottle of Vivreau water and pouring into his glass at Fueled Collective in Rookwood!”

-Usually bourbon is his thing, but not this time.
-Your New Year’s resolution may include more of this.
-Every pour supports a legacy of innovation, wellness, and sustainable change
-Get social, get busy, get together
-Take your work space to the next level

Mon 7:40 – Tim going to the Q102 breakroom, putting ice in a cup, and opening up a can of carbonated drink and then setting the cup down.
Mon 9:40 – Coca Cola commercial with ice hitting glass.
Mon 11:40 – Mollie Watson pouring Sprite in her cup for an afternoon drink.
Mon 1:40 – Jon Jon opening up a cork style beer and pouring it into a metal tin pint  glass.
Mon 3:40 – Putting money in a vending machine to get a pop to pour into a cup.

Tues 7:40 – Jon Jon mixing ice inside a glass and pouring himself some whiskey
Tues 9:40 – Jeff opening a Diet Coke and pouring into a cup of ice, while Jenn pulls out a chair in the Q102 break room.
Tues 11:40 – Jeff opening up a Keurig, putting the pod in, starting the coffee, when it’s done brewing, he is throwing the pod away.
Tues 1:40 – Bourbon bullet ice cubes being dropped into a glass.
Tues 3:40 – Jeff popping a can of Coke, pouring it into a glass of whiskey, and stirring it with a metal straw.

Wed 7:40 –  Jeff picking up ice cubes with tongs and putting them into a rocks glass and pouring a whiskey and Diet Coke on vacation over the holiday.
Wed 9:40 – Jeff getting a few ice cubes into a stainless steel travel mug and filling it with water, while in the Q102 studio and then setting it down.
Wed 11:40 – Jeff putting ice into a glass and pouring in a bottle of Aquafina water and then setting it down.

Wed 1:40 – Jeff in the breakroom, putting ice into a glass, and getting water from the water dispenser at the fridge and setting the glass down.

Wed 4:40 – Jeff Thomas in Costa Rica, pouring water into his Yeti while sitting under the tiki bar.

Thur 7:40 – Jeff pouring sparkling water into a metal cup while on vacation over Christmas holiday in Costa Rica.

Thur 9:40 – Jeff putting ice into a glass and taking a bottle of Vivreau water and pouring it and then setting the bottle down

Thur 11:40 – Jeff Opening a reusable hinge style Vivreau water bottle and refilling it at the new counter top bottling system in the Q102 break room.

Thur 1:40 – Jeff at home unlatching the top of a Vivreau glass bottle and filling it up with cold water from his Vi Tap dispenser, then latching in back to close it and setting it on the counter.

Thur 3:40 – Jeff pouring ice into a cup, pouring Vivreau water into the cup, closing the bottle and setting on the counter while on vacation in Costa Rica.

Fri 7:40 – Jeff with metal tongs putting ice into a glass and putting it under Vivreau water dispenser and pushing button to fill glass

Fri 9:40 – Jeff opening a Vivreau bottle and filling it up at the water dispenser at the Bravo/Fueled Collective Cincinnati

Fri 11:40 – Jeff popping the top on a bottle of  Vivreau sparkling water, pouring it into a glass, and replacing the top, at the Bravo restaurant at the Rookwood Exchange.

Fri 1:40 – Office Party

Fri 3:40  – Jeff popping the top of  Vivreau sparkling water, pouring it into a glass, at the Buca Di Beppo in Rookwood.

Mon 7:40 – Jeff putting ice in a glass then opening a Vivreau water bottle and pouring it into his glass and setting it down on a table at the Fueled Collective in Rookwood

Mon 9:40 – Jeff opening of bottle of Vivreau water and pouring into his glass at Fueled Collective in Rookwood!