Q102 Secret Sound

Congratulations to Nick from Maineville!  He won Jackpot #4 of $2000!
He guessed Secret Sound #4 as “Jenn’s dog Merle playing with a latex chicken dog toy”


Fri 7:40 – A happy turtle
Fri 9:40 – Penelope waiting for a bottle
Fri 11:40 – A child blowing into some kind of toy.
Fri 1:40 – A squeaky rubber chicken.
Fri  3:40 – Penelope squeezing and shaking a squeakable rubber chicken.

Mon 7:40 – The new baby giraffe at the zoo
Mon 9:40 – Tim’s dog “Steve” playing with a wobble wag giggle ball
Mon 11:40 – Jenn Throwing a wobble wiggle ball to Merle.
Mon 1:40 – Jenn’s Dog Merle playing with the wobble wag giggle ball dog toy while she is getting ready.
Mon 3:40 – Merle chasing a wobble wag giggle ball.

Tues 7:40 – Jenn throwing a wobble wag giggle ball to Merle, while wearing polka dot LuLaRoe leggings.
Tues 9:40 – Jakob throwing a wobble wag giggle ball to Merle and having him fetch it.
Tues 11:40 – Merle playing with a Goblet pig dog toy.
Tue 1:40 – Merle chasing Jakob who has the wobble wag giggle ball.
Tue 3:40 – Jenn Jordan’s dog Merle playing with a MultiPet latex polka dot Goblet pig dog toy.

Clues for Secret Sound #4:
-Polka Dot
-It tastes like…

Congratulations to  Tanya from Edgewood, KY!  She won Jackpot #3 of $4,400!
She guessed Secret Sound #3 as “Tim assembling an IKEA bed with an allen wrench”


Mon 9:40 – Locking several locks on the inside of your door
Mon 11:40 – Tim pulling down drywall at one of his renovations.
Mon 1:40 – Jeff closing and locking the door to his new place.
Mon 3:40 – Jeff opening and closing a briefcase.
Tues 7:40 – Closing bathroom stall and locking it at Paul Brown Stadium
Tues 9:40 – Opening and closing of a suitcase.
Tues 11:40 – Unlocking the dressing room doors.
Tues 1:40 – Jeff stapling papers.
Tues 3:40 – Jeff opening the studio door at Q102.
Wed 7:40 – Jeff opening a can with a can opener
Wed 9:40 – Closing and locking the legs on a folding table
Wed 11:40 – The seat belt buckle at the Banshi at Kings Island.
Wed 1:40 – Tim laying hardwood/laminate flooring in his renovation house.
Wed 3:40 – Using the bathroom at work.  Opening the door and shut it and locking it behind you.
Thur – 7:40 – Someone putting the vacuum cleaner away.
Thur – 9:40 – Hanging a Disney curtain on a retractable curtain rod.
Thur – 11:40 – Opening and closing the door to the Q102 Good Vibes RV.
Thur – 1:40 – Putting a Walt Disney movie into a VHS or DVD player.
Thur – 3:40 – Putting batteries into a toy lightsaber.
Fri – 7:40 – Unlocking a trunk or chest
Fri – 9:40 – A square belt buckle being latched into place
Fri – 11:40 – Latching and unlatching a travel ark umbrella.
Fri – 1:40 – Tom hanks playing ping pong in Forest Gump.
Fri – 3:40 – Putting a Walt Disney World video tape into a VCR and pushing the play buton.
Mon – 7:40 – Jon and Toria going through a turn style at DisneyWorld
Mon – 9:40 – A Foosball table
Mon – 11:40 – Using the bathroom in one of those stalls at Kenwood Mall. Going in at one stall and locking it and going out.
Mon – 1:40 – Closing and locking a Boeing 737 lavatory.
Mon – 3:40 – Putting a plate in the kiln at the Mad Potter the latching the door.
Tues – 7:40 – Open and close the microwave oven door and turning it on.
Tues – 9:40 – The locks on the door of Alex Trebek’s Colonial Penn commercial
Tues -11:40 – The Opening and closing of a pizza oven door.
Tues – 1:40 – Using an allen wrench to assemble a Malm dresser from IKEA.
Tues – 3:40 – Using an allen wrench to assemble the tracks or doors on a Mackapar bench from IKEA.
Wed – 7:40 – Using an allen wrench to put together a bed at IKEA
Wed – 9:40 – Using an allen wrench to assemble an IKEA Mackapar bench designed by Eva
Wed – 11:40 – The Malm storage bed being put together with an allen wrench at Ikea!
Wed -1:40 – The Ikea Malm storage bed designed by Eva being put together with an allen wrench.
Wed – 3:40 The Ikea Malm Luroy highbed with 2 storage boxes designed by Eva put together with an allenwrench.

Clues for Secret Sound #3:
-Everybody has used one.
-100 centimeters
-26 Oscars
-Designed by Eva
-2 million eaten everyday
-T’s and Z’s
-Snack time

Congratulations to  Dori Jackson of Colerain!  She won Jackpot #2 of $3,400.00!
She guessed Secret Sound #2 as “Penelope playing with her Bright Starts Snuggle and Teether Giraffe.”

Fri 7:40 – Someone frying something on the stove.
Fri 9:40 – Pop rocks in someone’s mouth.
Fri 11:40 – Somebody opening a pack of peanuts at a Reds game.
Fri 1:40 – The Kroger insulated tote.
Fri 3:40 – Tim opening up a pack of smarties candy
Mon 7:40 – Opening a bag of Fruit Loops
Mon 9:40 – Fritsch changing Penelope’s diaper and the sticky tape on the diaper.
Mon 11:40 – Opening a pack of Skittles.
Mon 1:40 – Cards being shuffled at the Jack Casino Cincinnati.
Mon 3:40 – Taking the cellophane off a box of Graeter’s candy.
Tues 7:40 – Opening a bag of Trix cereal
Tues 9:40 – Opening Fruit Stripe gum
Tues 11:40 – Baby Krinkle Toy
Tues 1:40 – Unwrapping a Jolly Rancher hard candy
Tues 3:40 – Opening a bag of Gummy Bears
Wed 7:40 – A fruit roll up
Wed 9:40 – Opening a package of Twizzlers
Wed 11:40 – The resealable bag of Airhead Bites.
Wed 1:40 – Opening a bag of Moscow Mule Gourmet Gummies.
Wed 3:40 – Fruit By the Foot.
Thur 7:40 – A kid playing with a snuggle and teething toy
Thur 9:40 – A baby chewing on baby crinkle paper
Thur 11:40- Penelope playing with a teether playbook.
Thur 1:40 – A child chewing on a non-toxic soft sensory fabric crinkle cloth teether toy.
Thur 3:40 – A baby playing with the krinkle paper toy in the colorful triangle pattern.
Fri 7:40 – It’s a Lemonhead.
Fri 9:40 – Penelope playing with the wings on her Lamaze Clip and Go  Jacques the Peacock
Fri 11:40 – Penelope playing with the Lamaze Penny Peacock sensory toy.
Fri 1:40 – Penelope playing with her Newby Plush Teething Blankie.

Clues for Secret Sound #2:
-Chew on it
-Kids love it
-One Cent



Congratulations to  Jill Blessing of Cincinnati!
She guessed Secret Sound #1 as “The street car door closing behind you at Washington Park.”
She won Jackpot #1 of $2,100.00!

Here is a video of Secret Sound #1

Mon 7:40 – A car door closing in the city.
Mon 9:40 – Golf club hitting a golf ball.
Mon 11:40 – Subway train doors closing.
Mon 1:40 – Hitting “Play” or “Eject” on a cassette tape.
Mon 3:40 – A tennis ball being hit at the Lindner Tennis Center.
Tues 7:40 – Locking a car door.
Tues 9:40 – Roller coaster lock bar.
Tue 11:40 – The Streetcar ticket place.
Tue 1:40 – Inside a car winding my windows up using my automatic door locks to lock my car
Tue 3:40 – The button on a soda machine.
Wed 7:40 – A TiVo, like a DVR recorder
Wed 9:40 – Cincinnati Bell Connector going over the track.
Wed 11:40 – The Street car door opening and closing/moving.
Wed 1:40 – An electric can opener
Wed 3:30 – The open and close of the door of the street car at The Banks.
Thur 7:40 – The Cincinnati Bell Connector ticket kiosk at Washington Park dispensing a ticket

Clues for Secret Sound #1:
-It’s Electric
-There’s an app for it