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Four years into his on-air career, one of JonJon’s favorite things to do is take listeners’ requests – even prayer requests: “Just to be funny one night, I told a woman who called in that I was only taking prayer requests. I didn’t think she’d believe me, but she said, ‘Oh, okay…. Well, thank you for my mom, my dad and forgive me for this sin, but can I hear Rihanna’s S&M? Amen.’”

The Newport native also loves working in radio for the opportunities to give back to the community. One of his favorites is co-hosting the Redwood Express to help raise thousands of dollars toward providing for individuals with disabilities. JonJon’s always been in love with music – even at 12-years-old he wanted to become someone who could help people enjoy listening to it even more.

Now JonJon’s living the dream in the Q studio – never without his phone and charger (“When emails and Facebook messages start flying in, I can go through three batteries a night!”), and plenty of quarters for vending machine dinners.