Renovation Time with Tim

When I’m outside of the studio, I have my hands in all sorts of things, including a bunch of real estate and home renovation projects. We have spent the last two years working on a multi-family building in Cincinnati’s historic Prospect Hill neighborhood. We are FINALLY done, so you think we would just enjoy living in it now, right? NOPE. We just bought a new property in East Walnut Hills. We’ve decided that this will be our home when we finish the renovations. A lot of you have asked to share this process, (how do you do it? how do you develop your design? do you have a guy who does flooring/plumbing/kitchens, etc) so I’ll be posting pictures and video updates of our renovation along the way. Enjoy and feel free to ask about anything – I am happy to share my resources with our Q102 family. (-tim)

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