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Jessica Alba's top hairstyles

Jessica Alba once used a whole can of hairspray to secure her look.The 33-year-old actress has discussed the favorite looks she's worn on the red carpet over the years. One of those that made the cut was the messy chignon she sported at the 78th Academ... Read More »

Joel McHale: Bana is a true talent

Joel McHale thinks Eric Bana is "world class".Both actors star in upcoming horror movie Deliver Us from Evil, which follows police officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric) and priest Mendoza (Édgar Ramírez) as they perform exorcisms in New York City. Joel stars ... Read More »

Munn: Exorcism footage did damage

Olivia Munn says Eric Bana “couldn’t sleep for three weeks” after watching exorcism footage.The pair star together in forthcoming horror Deliver Us from Evil, which follows a New York City police officer played by Eric who joins forces with a pri... Read More »

Bana: I’m handy

Eric Bana

Eric Bana is avoiding a mid-life crisis by "doing things" with his hands.The 45-year-old Australian actor doesn't let his age bother him and likes to keep busy. Eric believes it's important for men at his stage of life to have hobbies.“Do things with... Read More »

Rebecca Hall and Bana bonded

Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall was shocked by how "strikingly funny" Eric Bana was when they worked together.The two stars teamed up for Closed Circuit, in which they play lawyers who become bound together while defending a high-profile terrorism case.Rebecca enjoyed wo... Read More »