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Reynolds bonded to Fox

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has a “connection” with Michael J. Fox.The 37-year-old actor is full of praise for the Hollywood legend, revealing they share a special bond. Ryan and Michael were both raised in Vancouver, Canada, and have plenty of other things in c... Read More »

Ryan Reynold’s bromance

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is “really in love” with comedian David Cross.The revelation comes from David’s wife actress Amber Tamblyn, who shares a close friendship with Ryan and his wife Blake Lively.Amber and Blake starred alongside each other in the 2005 f... Read More »

Ryan Reynolds’ sick strip

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds reportedly caused mayhem on a flight after he stripped off when a passenger was sick on him.The hunky actor was travelling from New York to New Orleans with his wife Blake Lively when the incident occurred last Sunday. He was happily gaz... Read More »

Bridges ‘filters’ film

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges works "through a filter" when preparing for a film.The 63-year-old actor is known for his award-winning roles in movies such as Crazy Heart and Tron. To capture the character precisely, the American star observes everything from the perspe... Read More »

Blake and Ryan celebrate anniversary

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively returned to the South for their one-year anniversary.The couple married at Boone Hall, Mount Pleasant, on September 9 last year and spent the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina before traveling to Savannah, Georgia, ye... Read More »

Johansson: I’m not interesting

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson feels she’s “relatively uninteresting”.The Lost In Translation actress is thankful that despite being a huge Hollywood star she’s rarely caught by paparazzi and she works hard to keep it that way.The 28-year-old star was mort... Read More »

Ryan Reynolds reveals raucous childhood

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds' childhood home wasn't suitable for "sissies".The actor grew up in Vancouver with his parents and three brothers.A largely-male household meant things occasionally got raucous at the Reynolds'."When I was a kid I was constantly getting in... Read More »