Fish Fry

Time for a fish fry…at home! 😬 Again, I am guilty of counting on the convenience Kroger provides by stopping by their frozen food section & grabbing some of their delicious Alaskan Cod. The Easy For You! Oven-Ready Seafood meals were on the way to the freezer section, so to keep my fish-stravaganza theme going strong, I picked up a container of the Salmon Ravioli as well. Between the perfectly fried, crispy Alaskan Cod and the unbelievably savory sauce on the Salmon Ravioli…I was in fish heaven! Definitely, need to make fish-stravaganzas a weekly thing now!

This is the season of fish for many of us. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult. I went to Kroger, and they will pick the fish, put whatever spices you want on it, and even put it in a bag that you bake the fish in! Easy For You! Oven-Ready Seafood… if you have not tried this, you just must! 🙂

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