Frankly, I’m burnt out on making turkey & ham sandwiches with leftovers. So I looked for a cool spin on re-using leftovers at my local Kroger. Eggrollllllls 😃

I made a trip to Kroger’s International section. Found some spring/egg roll wraps, checked out & got started! It was beyond simple. I wet down the wrap, got a spoon-full of mashed potatoes, corn, mac & cheese, a slice of ham, rolled it all up (brush on some egg-whites) & dropped it in the fryer (you can also fry in a pan)! Then when I needed a sweet, delicious dip for my roll…I popped open our leftover cranberry sauce! Sooo good!

This eggroll Kroger Creation made my leftovers taste even BETTER the second time around!

Your turn! You’ll see what I mean 😃


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