Valentine’s Day

Well as I continue on my path to making Toria my real wife, I still have a work-wife to consider each day lol.  Yes, it’s definitely a unique dynamic Laura and I have.  So, to show her that I was thinking of her this Valentine’s Day, I stopped by the Kroger nearest me in NKY.  Kroger continues to top themselves, not only with flower bouquets but now they have candy bouquets😁

For Laura, I went simple.  I got her a Shoebox brand card (my favorite) because I needed something that dripped of sarcasm.  Again, our relationship is unique lol.  The flower bouquet I got her was simple and came in a red “Live, Laugh, Love” mason jar!  Masonettes!  They’re awesome and she can use the jar for some type of beverage later (not that she would do that or anything *cough, cough*😂)  All in all, Kroger kills it on Valentine’s Day!  It’s the ONLY place I go when it comes to picking up something sentimental.😊

See what happens when you go down the Kroger Aisle with all the cool Valentine’s Day stuff? We found three things for our favorite giraffe, Jon! He doesn’t know it yet, but this balloon sings! I can’t wait to see his face!

Success! ~Laura

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