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You have to check out the blog post by Abby Messner  and her observance at the Ed Sheeran show.  A man and his daughter and their bond… 


To the young dad who took his little girl to the Ed Sheeran concert in Cincinnati last Thursday night…


I was with some friends tucked way in the back, behind where you were sitting on the lawn. As I settled in, I saw you and noticed you with your daughter and your black t-shirt, ripped jeans and pierced ears.

The music started and Ed pulled off a good show, but the show that you and your daughter put on was much more memorable to me.

The gentle way you sat there with your sweet little girl and experienced the music with her was heartwarming. She knew all the songs and I got to watch her sing and dance, all the while never losing contact with you, like you were home base. Clearly that’s what you are to her in more ways than one.

I noticed you held her up so she could see the jumbo screens. When you did, she looked you right in the eyes and sang to you. I could tell how much she loves you. You held her up for a long time; your arms must have been tired. But you held.

I noticed that you didn’t spend any time looking at your phone or drinking beer—which is what so many of your peers were doing that night. Instead you looked at your daughter and filled her up with a wonderful gift: Your presence and your undivided attention. You made that night all about her and she had so much fun.

Earlier when I said that I saw you, I really didn’t see you at all. I missed the opportunity the first time around. But you were kind enough to give me another chance, and as the night went on I definitely saw you. Your actions spoke volumes.

I could go on, but I wanted to just thank you for the show and for being a great dad to your adorable girl.

Ed rocked… but young guy who took his daughter to see Ed Sheeran, you were way better.

God Bless.