Eeekk my dress has arrived!! Now I Need Some Help!

I don’t think there is a way to describe the excitement a bride gets waiting on her wedding dress she ordered months ago to come in…especially when it comes in a month early and you have to wait a week to pick it up! The excitement and nervousness is in full effect because IT HAS ARRIVED! My mom, sister, bridesmaid, Jenna, and I went and picked up my dress last week and I didn’t want to take it off!

I ordered my dress back in April and told it’d be in in September, so when I got the email confirming it was in back in August I think I did cartwheels down the stations hallway. I instantly got so nervous: Will it fit? Too big? Too small? Was the right dress ordered?!

There was nothing to worry about though because Amanda at Hyde Park Bridal had everything under control. It was the right dress and it fit like it was made for me! Amanda went over everything with me: different bustles, American or French, how the Seamstress will adjust certain areas on the dress, when to make a Seamstress appointment…so I have less to stress about before the big day!

(PS…am I the only person that didn’t know there was more than one type of way to bustle a wedding dress? See the difference between American & French bustle under ‘Toria’s Wedding Inspiration’ on Q102’s Pinterest page.)

As any girl might feel, it’s nerve-racking leaving your dress in the hands of someone to cut, sew and get fitted (mainly the cutting part; there’s definitely not enough wine in the world to calm those nerves!) I’ll be scheduling my first fitting soon and I’d love some help!

Let me know some great Seamstress’s you’ve worked with that made your dress perfect or someone who specializes in wedding gowns. Preferably in the NKY, Lawenceburg or Cincinnati area. Comment on this blog post on Q102’s Facebook Page!

Me, Mom (Peggy), Sister (Ariana) & Bridesmaid (Jenna)