Time to Register!


Oh. My. Gosh. It’s. That. Time!


Cat stuff got crossed off the list for…Chipotle gift cards. Go figure HA

For a woman who loves to shop I think I’m going to love this part of wedding planning the most…Registering!

We already have some must-haves on our list because we love to cook and bake: a cast iron skillet and a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Other than that we are going through a generic list and figuring out what are some things we need and other things we really wouldn’t have use for. Neither of us consume coffee, so anything coffee related is off the list. Is a fondue pot necessary? What the heck is Mortar and Pestle?!

Clearly we need a little help! Where to register, what to register for, must-haves, useless? Leave a comment on our blog post up on our FB page to help guide us down the right aisle (see what I did there? HAHA)


-Toria & Jon.