The Day I Adopted Griffey

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I can remember giggling to myself whenever I would pass a car with a paw print bumper sticker that read, “Who Saved Who?” I always thought it was kind of silly. People are so obsessed with their animals. I just don’t get it.

Okay…. I get it now. 

I adopted my dog Griffey from Sweet Dream House Rescue in March of 2017. I was running to Target, in Newport, to pick up a couple of things when I noticed a crowd of people in front of the PetSmart nextdoor. I could hear dogs barking and yelping so I decided to check it out. There was an adoption fair going on! There were dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds jumping around in their crates with excitement hoping someone would stop by their crate and acknowledge them.

Naturally, I wanted to take every single one of them home.  But… We all know owning 15 dogs would be a little challenging 😉 After walking around the adoption fair for ten minutes or so I noticed a little blonde dog sitting all by himself in a crate. I asked one of the workers if she could let him out so I could play with him and she said, “Absolutely!”

He was so thin, timid and scared. I tried to cradle him in my lap and give him some kisses but he was not having it. Anytime I lifted my hand towards his face to pet him he would hide his face with his paws and jerk away from me. It was very obvious this dog had been abused at some point. I asked the workers about his background and where he came from and they explained to me that they had just gotten him the previous week and they had to shave all of his hair off because he was so matted and caked with mud.

An hour later I was walking away from the Sweet Dream House Rescue Adoption Fair with a new dog. “Scooter” was his name… Which I really liked…. At first. Hahaha. The ladies at the adoption fair told me they thought he was a Brussels Griffon.

Hmm…. Griffon… Griffin… Griffey!

The name just felt right. It matched his spunky little personality.

It’s been almost a year since he came into my life and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It might sound a little dramatic… But my life really did change the day we met. He is my best friend.

I will forever be grateful to Sweet Dream House Rescue for taking care of him until we met. I’m not sure exactly how long he was in their care but that doesn’t matter. Their staff handled each dog lovingly and made the adoption process easy, fun and exciting! You can tell they truly care about each animal and want them to find their FURever home.

When it came to choosing a charity or non-profit organization for Holiday Helpers, I chose Sweet Dream House Rescue. With the help of two amazing, generous listeners, Betty Okum and Jaime Stryker, we ended up raising $605 for Sweet Dream House Rescue.

Bonnie and Sue recently retired from their full-time jobs so they could take on Sweet Dream House Rescue and put 100% of their time and energy into saving as many animals as possible.

I met up with Sue at the PetSmart in Newport where I first met my little Griffey. I wanted to meet with her in person to exchange the donation and personally thank her for all they do for Sweet Dream House Rescue. She was almost in tears when she explained to me that the donation was going to help with several medical bills for the animals they have recently taken in.

(Sue, Sweet Dream House Rescue)

I am now a self-proclaimed “Crazy Dog Lady” and proud of it.

Thank you to EVERYONE in the community that helps with animals in some way. Whether you volunteer at a local shelter, run your own adoption agency, foster dogs and cats or donate to a local radio station that has a Holiday Helper promotion going on. You are helping more than you know <3

Merry Christmas!