Time to Smell the Roses…literally for Jon

It’s hard to envision something when you haven’t seen the final product. With Dale, I could see the vision from the start. Jon and I (well, really just me…I dragged Jon along) met with our florist, Dale, from Dale’s Designs & Florals. Sitting down with Dale was like sitting down with someone we’d been friends with forever!

Jon and I did what a lot of couples do… We met with multiple florist to see who would best fit us and really understand the vision I had for flowers. Let me just tell you why I knew Dale was our guy… He. Was. THOROUGH! He asked about our set up for the ceremony, reception venue, things I never would have thought about, but then… He asked to see my dress, asked to see my bridesmaids’ dresses, color of the men’s suits, the color of my mother’s dress and even the color of our grandmothers’ dresses. Now remember, we met with multiple florists and none of them had asked us those kinds of details! To me, that showed he really cared to have each individual bouquet accentuate each color of gown, suit, etc.

I told Dale the vision I have for the bouquets, centerpieces and additional flowers. He gave us advice on what type of flower to use, how some flowers are more fragile than others are and how he would place them so they’ll last the entire day. I mean, the man knows his stuff!

If he was that thorough and wise in just that one meeting, I have no doubt he will be the same way when it comes to every detail the day of the wedding. I honestly can’t wait to see my bouquets and walk into the reception hall and see the beautiful centerpieces…it won’t be long!!

On a different note (still floral), I wanted to do something a little different, and instead of corsages for mothers and grandmothers, I want to do small bouquets…and same with the flower girls! Have you done something different than the normal floral tradition? Bouquets? Floral kissing balls? I love reading all your wedding details and ideas! You can comment on our blog post on Q’s FB page! ❤