16 Facts About Rose Lavelle

16 Facts About Rose Lavelle 


When she arrived back in Cincinnati, she went straight to Skyline Chili. She ordered her usual: Three cheese coneys with mustard and onion.

Nope, she is not a fan of hot sauce on her oyster crackers. 😉

Her Bronze Ball trophy arrived in the mail this week and is staying at her mom and dads house here in Cincinnati.

The team blared Lizzo in the locker room before and after every match during the entire tournament.

Whenever Rose scores a goal, her family does a celebratory Fireball shot.

One of Rose’s favorite actresses, Linda Cardellini, asked for a picture with her at The ESPYs.

After winning the World Cup, the team played “We are the Champions” by Queen on repeat.

She thinks Meghan Rapinoe and Sam Mewis are the two funniest girls on the team.

After a match, Rose loves to treat herself to an ice cold Coca-Cola.

She wants all young, aspiring, athletes to know they can be in her shoes one day. Never give up.

She is currently binge-watching Law and Order: SVU on Netflix.

She loves to listen to country music before a match. Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts and Tim McGraw are her favorites.

Her guilty pleasure? Laying around and doing nothing. She loves a nice, lazy day.

Her favorite throwback song of all time is “Fergalicious” by Fergie.

On game days she eats A LOT. She loads up on tons and tons of carbs!

She says Becky Sauerbrunn is the “Mom of the Team”, she is always looking out for everyone.