My 5 Main BLINK Tips 10/11

Last night was exciting, beautiful, and a liiiiittle overwhelming.

But overall, my first BLINK experience wasn’t too shabby! I LOVED IT!!


Here are a few tips I have for those attending BLINK this weekend: 



Weird suggestion, right?

With so many people in one place, using the BLINK app, posting on social media and trying to google certain locations, the cellphone networks are BUSSSYYY!

I recommend printing out maps, taking screenshots of them on your phone, or grabbing a BLINK map when you get down there. They are easy to find!

Oh, and get there early! The light shows start at 7pm each night.


Bring Cash

I spent most of my evening at The Banks last night, which was soooo much fun. It is ‘open container’ at The Banks so you are free to walk around with an adult beverage.

There were several beer and liquor booths set up but most of them only took cash.

Also, there are BLINK merch booths set up EVERYWHERE and I promise you, your children will want everything. Haha.

From life-size lit up balloon toys to shiny, spinning, toy-things, your kids will probably beg and plead for one. Just a heads up.


Wear A Funky Outfit 

I felt like I was at some kind of comic con festival walking around Downtown! It was amazing.

People went allllll out for night one of BLINK and I highly recommend doing it.

I saw people wearing face and body paint and sparkly, lit up blazers and shoes. It really was spectacular and added to the whole experience.

Just make sure you’re comfortable! According to my Apple Watch, I walked a little over two miles last night. Gym shoes were a really good choice.


Pack Some Patience 

The streetcar is free all weekend long… Which is great… But that means a lot of people will be using it.

You’ll probably have to wait in line to actually use it.

There are also a lot of interactive displays throughout the city. I noticed a few with a lengthy line.

Just hang out and chat with the people around you. I met some people last night that came all the way here from Texas for BLINK! Pretty cool.

Suggest some bars or restaurants for them to check out. Give them an extra warm welcome to our great city.


Be Careful Crossing the Street 

I know, I know.

You don’t need me telling you this.

BUT, I found myself getting really excited a few times while looking up at something, and not paying attention to where the heck I was walking.

Most streets are shutdown around big displays but some side streets are still open. I almost walked directly into a car once or twice.

Really pay attention to your surroundings. It’s easy to get distracted down there, haha.


Most importantly, enjoy your weekend at BLINK and celebrate this wonderful city we call home!


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