Get your tickets now for hilarious movie-turned-Broadway-hit ‘Mean Girls’

Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Cincinnati presented by TriHealth brings “Mean Girls: The Musical” to the Aronoff November 5-17, 2019

We laugh a lot on our Jeff & Jenn Morning Show. We cover entertainment news, tell jokes, play comedians, and share funny personal stories. One personal story that I share often on the radio is the story of Jennifer Frisch’s. No, that’s not a typo. My name is Jennifer FRITSCH, but there was a short time when I was known as Jennifer Frisch’s.

When I was in the 6th grade at Latonia Elementary, I was a bigger girl. Honestly, I was an overweight kid. It never really occurred to me that it was a problem because no one had ever said anything to me about my weight. That was until one day in Mrs. Grote’s English class, we were put into small groups to work on at project. The project was to create your own commercial. It could be any kind of commercial, and all the kids started throwing around ideas. One of the girls in my small group said… “What if we do a commercial about Jennifer Frisch’s?” Then she started chanting, “Big Girl! Big Girl! Jennifer Frisch’s.” All the other kids in my group started laughing, and I cried. I was being made fun of by one of the “Mean Girls,” and it was not fun.

Fast forward many years later, and “Mean Girls” becomes a hilarious movie with Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabot, and Amanda Seyfried. I absolutely love this movie. In fact, I feel like it’s the movie that all of us have grown to love. We can quote it. We celebrate October 3rd. We know exactly who Regina George was in our own high school class, and we are all still trying to make “fetch” happen. And now… That awesome movie that we all know and love has become a Broadway musical. When I found out I was going to see “Mean Girls: The Musical” with my Broadway in Cincinnati friends, I was immediately excited and a little skeptical. Will “Mean Girls: The Musical” be as great as the movie? And the answer is YES!!!! It’s so good. SOOOO GOOD!!!!! Like fetch GOOD!

While I was in New York, I got to interview Jeff Richmond who does the music for “Mean Girls: The Musical.” You may have heard the name Jeff Richmond before because he is married to Tina Fey. He is just a funny as Tina and tremendously talented. My interview with him was incredible. He had great stories about creating the music for “Mean Girls: The Musical” and how he walked the Suspension Bridge in Covington, KY, once with a group of friends to get beers.

You’ll quickly fall in love with the character Damian when he shows Cady around the school during the song, “Where Do I Belong?” and then learn all about the “Mean Girls” Regina, Gretchen, and Karen in the guitar heavy, “Meet the Plastics.” You’ll never been able to say Regina George’s name the same way again after this one. You’ll leave the theater feeling confident and singing your new anthem thanks to Cady’s “I’d Rather Be Me.” Jeff Richmond told me to make sure I was in my seat before intermission was over, and boy, was he right. There’s a glorious tap number that kicks off the second act. Total sidebar: When we were in NY, Jeff Richmond showed up at the theater to make sure we were in our seats for the tap number. LOL!

“Mean Girls: The Musical” was nominated for 12 Tonys and is hilarious. I think it’s funnier than the movie. “Mean Girls: The Musical” is perfect for a girls’ night out, mother/teenage daughter bonding, or even a date night. It’s so relatable!!!!! It’s a rough world out there sometimes. Go see “Mean Girls: The Musical” and have a laugh.


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