Update on Childhood Food Services Donations 3/24

Hey Q family!

You might remember last week when I shared a story on the air and on social media about a local man named Tony Fairhead.

Tony runs a nonprofit here in town called Childhood Food Solutions, which provides free food to “food-insecure” kids in our area.

Since 2007, Tony and his crew have been feeding children in our community during the 187 days they are not in school (Spring, Christmas, Summer break). That number has drastically changed due to recent events and Tony is not slowing down anytime soon.

His daughter, Rebecca Korte, reached out to us for help.

She was so proud of her dad and his dedication to help feed kids in our community, but she was worried about his health and safety during this Coronavirus pandemic. At 74 years old he should not be out in public places, his wife was practically hiding his car keys.

So, I asked Rebecca to come on the air with me and ask the city for help.

Listen here: 

After Rebecca shared her father’s story on the air, donations and volunteers came flooding in.

We live in a pretty cool city, don’t we? 🥰

Tony and his daughter Rebecca have been completely overjoyed and humbled by the community’s generosity and willingness to step up and help out so Tony can stay at home.

I got the chance to catch up with Tony today!

Listen here: 

If you would like to learn more about Childhood Food Solutions or make a donation, check out their website for more information!

I just want to say thank you… to every single one of you that helped Tony in some way. Whether you shared his story on social media, heard about him on Q102 and made a donation, or dropped off some jars of peanut butter at Crossroads Church, YOU helped. YOU made a difference.

We’re all in this together, fam. ❤