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3-1 Bengals vs. 3-1 Packers and Sold Out PBS? – Lindsay Patterson


Fun times in Cincinnati football – The Bengals off to a hot start and now they will face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

PBS is expected to be a packed house up to 65K in attendance. Highly recommend getting there early if you are are attending the game – it’s going to be a fun atmosphere and I can’t wait!

Now let’s talk ball.

It’s Joe Burrow vs. Aaron Rodgers and it feels like this one is going to be a shoot-out – some might call it a hot take, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Ja’Marr Chase hit the end zone twice in this one. The club will more than likely be without Joe Mixon and while that doesn’t help balance out the offense  I feel like it will finally be the game Joe Burrow can just sling it.

The Packers are dealing with injuries too and the Bengals have to take advantage of that with the offensive weapons in the WR rooms. More good news Tee Higgins is back in the room and that will make it difficult to defend.

The Bengals defense has been fun to watch this season and they won’t have an easy day trying to stop the Packers and A Rog, but they will get the opportunity to do it in front of the home team crowd (yes I know Packers fans travel too)

Maybe I’m feeling too positive on this beautiful October day, but I’m going Bengals 35-31 (they have to get off to a hot start and FG’s won’t win this one)